Ramzauva Chhakchhuak

‘Make a mickey, but careful with the gods’

Shelly Page, who hunts for good stories and characters at DreamWorks, gives a class on how to make memorable animation

15 hours ago

Have you spotted the ‘thirsty crow’ at Bellandur Lake yet?

Paramesh Jolad, a visual and performance artist, will highlight the Bellandur lake issue in a unique way today.

25 May 2017

Techies pitch in for Kannada movie

Crowdfunded movie, Days of Borapura, on the rural idyll will be out in June

23 May 2017

Stem-cell therapy for cancer comes closer home

World-renowned surgeon Dr A A Shetty has big plans to make the state a stem cell research and treatment hub

23 May 2017

From a poor student to a Hunterian Surgeon

Dr Shetty’s journey to the top was marked by difficulties and extreme hardwork

23 May 2017

Who let the dogs down?

Animal lovers and heritage enthusiasts protest againt BBMP’s demolition of century-old vet hospital, and say stray dog population will increase exponentially

21 May 2017

Artificial Intelligence vs humans or Artificial Intelligence & humans

A community of hackers, entrepreneurs, techies wants to make sure you are equipped for the Singularity.

18 May 2017

VFX gains ground in Kannada film industry, from 2 per cent to 30 per cent: Unifi Media head

About 10 to 15 years back there were no films in Karnataka that used animation or VFX. But, today, the situation has changed dramatically.

15 May 2017

Baahubali's Pete says degrees don’t count, skills do

Pete Draper who worked on the graphics and visual affects for Baahubali 2 says he spent five years of his life on it.

15 May 2017

Follow the light to find hidden meaning in movies

Many people may watch movies but there are very few who notice a separate story that is told by a play of lights in a movie.

13 May 2017

Low and steady:  city drones rule the race

Pilots from Bengaluru are doing exceedingly well at the Indian Drone Racing League where flying low is the mark of a winner

11 May 2017

Ni hao to a  bright Future

Knowing French, Chinese and other foreign languages  could lead you to a fruitful career in many sectors

11 May 2017

On the art of printmaking

Dimple Shah is a well-known printmaking artist in the city who tries to express her works through a combination of approaches using printmaking, theatre and installations.

04 May 2017

Home is a grooved metal box

Shipping containers are easy to buy and build houses with today, but not when Kameshwar built his 900-sq-ft home in Ramamurthy Nagar six years ago

01 May 2017

No to ‘true’ nude art studies

Fear of being misinterpreted and lack of models who would agree to pose is affecting nude studies.

26 Apr 2017

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