Ramzauva Chhakchhuak

Plug-in stove and use it for 20 years

Solar-powered hydrogen-based cooking system aims to replace traditional Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders

14 Sep 2017

City’s geeks step in to help ‘offline’ schools

Bengalureans are actively creating and investing in technology that takes e-learning to remote and ‘offline’ schools

04 Sep 2017

Art comes knocking on people’s doors in Bengaluru

S G Vasudev moves Art Park from traditional venues, will take it to several localities in city.

02 Sep 2017

With mass layoffs in IT sector, Bengaluru techies go back to school

With mass layoffs being the norm in the IT sector, many are going back to the classroom for full-time courses instead of online learning.

30 Aug 2017

Stop car thefts remotely with this neat IoT device

Worried about your car being robbed? Let’s Track is a device that can track and lock your vehicle if its stolen

29 Aug 2017

Poetry of everyman to be staged as nine-hour play in Bengaluru

Come December and the National School of Drama (NSD) will stage a nine-hour long play ‘Vachana Kalyana’ that will encompass the entire Vachana Movement of the 12th century. 

29 Aug 2017

Knocked down by injury, he trains film stars now

Often there are tales of triumph over hardships that inspire and motivate others to rise against all odds. One such story is that of Mujtaba Kamal a former national level boxer.

28 Aug 2017

City band sings Vedas to angrezi beats

Led by a singer from Gothenburg Conservatory, concert will be performed by The Bangalore Men this weekend

24 Aug 2017

GFTI favours locals, says ‘outsiders can stay home’

Film institute changes admission rules, only those who have done schooling here can apply

07 Aug 2017

How would you score as a babu?

City NGO, in collaboration with UNESCO, gamifies policymaking

03 Aug 2017

IIT-B students invite you for anonymous Convers(t)ation

l    They develop prototype of a booth that lets women register complaints informally 

02 Aug 2017

This device sucks out mosquitoes from home

 It is a known fact that mosquitoes are the biggest killers and cause of diseases in the world. Mosquito coils and liquids that are used to ward them off in most cases are not very effective.

01 Aug 2017

Legal aid? What’s that, ask prisoners

Study finds over half of people who stand trial in city courts do not know that state provides free legal aid; they end up hiring expensive lawyers

28 Jul 2017

Romicon Revola makes art from fallen trees, steel and turmeric

Romicon Revola has won accolades for her metal sculptures. Her outdoor art installations are in well-known places in Bengaluru

26 Jul 2017

City students find way to ‘drag’ down space debris

A team of students from PES University recently demonstrated a novel way to remove space debris and was one of the top 10 winners in the India Innovation Growth Programme.

25 Jul 2017