Ramzauva Chhakchhuak

Bangalore University’s 19-year-old Simran Henry owns the pitch

Simran Henry has set the record for scoring the highest runs in a single game in the history of Bangalore University’s women’s cricket.

15 Nov 2017

No one knows why this line remains ‘silent’

Bengaluru Metro has the second longest operational Metro network in India after Delhi.

13 Nov 2017

Journey of women musicans captured on film

Trailer of documentary about a musical collobaration between women from a rural tribe in Karnataka, and those from Indian cities and other foreigh countries will be showcased at the Blore Indie Film F

11 Nov 2017

Online kids film fest aims to democratise watching movies

Several schools in the city will be part of what is perhaps one of the first online film festival and one which aims to democratise the concept of a film festival even to schools located in Tier I and

08 Nov 2017

City bikers to participate in India bike week

Arun Kumar talks about his travelogue and why he started shooting his journey

06 Nov 2017

Localisation of e-content to Kannada to mark Rajyotsava

Free Software Movement Karnataka is campaigning to translate content into Kannada

02 Nov 2017

IITians fold 400-sq-ft home into a box, win prize

The floods of 2015 in Chennai was a moment that shook the city to its core.

26 Oct 2017

City marches in ‘Marshals’ to smoke out litterbugs

Ex-servicemen will be hired by corporation to penalise and fine offenders.  They will monitor cleanliness in wards and ensure reponsible waste disposal.

02 Oct 2017

‘Fearless’ schools play truant with your child’s safety

Child Protection Policy can make schools safer, but it has not been implemented because there are no penalties and punishments drawn out

23 Sep 2017

Plug-in stove and use it for 20 years

Solar-powered hydrogen-based cooking system aims to replace traditional Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders

14 Sep 2017

City’s geeks step in to help ‘offline’ schools

Bengalureans are actively creating and investing in technology that takes e-learning to remote and ‘offline’ schools

04 Sep 2017

Art comes knocking on people’s doors in Bengaluru

S G Vasudev moves Art Park from traditional venues, will take it to several localities in city.

02 Sep 2017

With mass layoffs in IT sector, Bengaluru techies go back to school

With mass layoffs being the norm in the IT sector, many are going back to the classroom for full-time courses instead of online learning.

30 Aug 2017

Stop car thefts remotely with this neat IoT device

Worried about your car being robbed? Let’s Track is a device that can track and lock your vehicle if its stolen

29 Aug 2017