Ramzauva Chhakchhuak

Laughter and loathing in Kannada

Language has found new and modern forms of expression in rap, stand-up comedy and metal music.

08 May 2018

Kids crash netas’ poll party

Political parties rarely ask children what they want included in manifestos, so children are sending in their demands. Do leaders care? 

03 May 2018

Wanted: Checks on the ‘delivery’ of fear

Hundreds of delivery boys are used by app-based food delivery services, e-commerce firms, restaurants, but are such companies conducting background checks?

26 Apr 2018

Why are city's crypto traders in a state of panic?

On April 6, the RBI sent out a circular against trading or doing any kind of business in virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins.

19 Apr 2018

Voting no easy task: citizens

City voters are less than satisfied with the state's election machinery.Many have not been able to register to vote as the website is not regularly updated

14 Apr 2018

Sleepless in Bengaluru: Thanks to mobiles, snoring

According to a study, 90 per cent Bengalureans have disturbed sleep every night. Most people get distracted due to work or finance issues and social media.

12 Apr 2018

Govt school kids start chasing dreams

Sahana Y is a class nine student at the Government Higher Primary School (GHPS) in Police Colony, Magadi Road. For the past two weeks, she and 29 of her classmates, have been busy preparing for a play that they will staged as part of the ‘Giving Every Dream a Chance’, organized by Akshaya Pathra.

12 Apr 2018

Fed up with CBSE drama city kids shift

Maths exam mix-up proverbial last straw, and students and parents are shifting to other boards.

07 Apr 2018

Too busy to volunteer? Contribute while you browse

You've always cared for social causes and have also volunteered at various NGOs, maybe even made small monetary contributions to a few of them.

04 Apr 2018

What’s your Aadhaar?

Many are not taking things lying down and are taking a stand whether in their individual capacity or as part of groups.

31 Mar 2018

Can reworking handwriting make you better person?

Many Bengalureans are signing up for grapho-therapy for various mental ailments, though experts call it a pseudoscience.

26 Mar 2018

‘Hip hop has vibe and flow that’s universal’

Canadian rapper and inspirational speaker Ali Ndiaye to perform in city today

20 Mar 2018

Church comes out to minorities

From being born a boy to a family of agriculturalists, to coming out as a transgender at a young age, to working at her first job, Apsara has come a long way to discovering and asserting her identity

12 Mar 2018

‘Nature to be kept in mind while building structures’

Architect B V Doshi talks about his big win, time spent in Bengaluru and his thoughts on the city’s losing grip on nature and heritage

12 Mar 2018

Techies tease out Internet from ‘White Space’

In a nation of over a billion people, 78 per cent of the population still has no access to the Internet.

10 Mar 2018