Ravi Shankar

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It is little red riding off into the sunset

The CPI(M) ruled West Bengal from 1977 when Indira Gandhi dismantled the Emergency to May 2011 when Mamata Banerjee ended its undisputed reign.

18 May 2019

To thrill a Mockingbird

Soft targets are venting machines for anyone with a five-seconds-of-fame grudge. One such object of public aggression, social media contempt, nasty jokes and media distaste is Arvind Kejriwal.

12 May 2019

Fantastic beasts and when to find them

Without mythology, the world would be a joyless place. Bereft of its magical repertoire of wondrous beings, myriad miracles and enchanted lands, our journey through time would be dreary.

03 May 2019

Barbarians Cannot Restore Islamic Cultural Glory

The Sri Lanka massacre proves without doubt that the civilised world and Islam are at war.

27 Apr 2019

The Dark Night Rises

Radical and violent Islamic fundamentalism has made landfall in Sri Lanka. Targeted by the Pakistan-controlled terror axis, the island nation faces upheaval that will pit community against community.

27 Apr 2019

Brown Study on Foreign Degrees Disadvantageous

New India is giving foreign education the third degree.

18 Apr 2019

True greatness is not being just the best

Kohli may not be the most loved or admired player in cricket today, but he is the most powerful.

14 Apr 2019

History hits back with Modi and the h-word

If philosophy is the forensics of politics, identity is resurrected by the archeology of ideology.

07 Apr 2019

Is Welfare Politics a Sign of Poor Self-confidence?

Every five years come interregnums when governance becomes politics and politics becomes governance. These are called elections.

29 Mar 2019

Islamic hijab: Pride and prejudice conflict in barbaric cover-up

With the sentencing of prominent Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh raises serious questions on Islamic women rights.

16 Mar 2019

Post-Balakot Strategy Carries Modi-Doval Fingerprint

After Abhinandan Varthaman’s release, Imran Khan wants a Nobel. But Narendra Modi is no Morarji and Khan is not Anwar Sadat. 

10 Mar 2019

Be prepared for a new genus of death

The perverse desire of Islamist terror mullahs to conquer and convert the world is actualised by young people who blow themselves up for their God, killing innocents.

02 Mar 2019

Diplomacy cannot condone murder and terror

Evil comes in many forms, the most powerful of which emanates from state power. It has fuelled pogroms on an unimaginable scale with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Baghdadi topping the Monster List.

22 Feb 2019

Chandrababu Naidu: The Kingmaker’s Gambit

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister is wielding the Special Status issue as a potent weapon of political, electoral and economic relevance.

17 Feb 2019