Rebecca Vargese

All the right angles

Rashi Agarwal’s designer handbags have always been tangible manifestations of her love for buildings, structures and tesselations.

18 Jun 2019

Lyrical stories from island

Ditty’s debut album, Poetry Ceylon, is a memoir of her life in Sri Lanka

14 Jun 2019

Treasure island

Aditi Veena’s personal bio on all her social media platforms describe her as an urban ecologist by day and a musician by night.

10 Jun 2019

Towards sustainable living

Bamboo and its various forms make a comeback in Indian homes

07 Jun 2019

New innings in wearability

Contemporary and sustainable — when it comes to describing the aesthetics of Ka-sha, Karishma Shahani Khan’s lexicon is peppered with these words.

24 May 2019

Cute as a button: Fashion label Vie gives buttons a fashionable update

Big on the concept of highlighting the natural beauty of a button, the collection titled Circle of Vie is a limited edition and has 18 unique designs of earrings, rings, pendants and wrist cuffs. 

11 May 2019

Spice of life

VegNonVeg adds the right blend of desi masala to FILA’s limited edition retro shoes, the Mindblower. What sets these apart is that they  aren’t your basic entry level monochrome kicks.

07 May 2019

Amogh & The Homies: Getting their groove on

The opening track, Losing Hope, offers a funk-inspired bass groove and is almost a jazz-fusion through and through, that is until it crosses over into classic rock riffs as it closes.

06 May 2019

Adding gold to living spaces

Go for gold...not really the words that usually come to mind when you’re dressing your house.

03 May 2019

Sterling performance 

The word experimental is often used as an umbrella term to define designs that do not fit a preconceived notion.

12 Mar 2019

This textile creator thrives on technique

Chinar Farooqui prefers to be called a textile creator as opposed to a fashion designer. 

28 Feb 2019

Magic carpets empower women and fuel their creativity

The only sound with this silent melody are the lyrics of their folk tunes.

19 Feb 2019

Lakmé Fashion Week : Pastoral parade

Infused with elements of the traditional Manali Pattu (shawls), the  collection made its runway debut on Day 3 of Lakmé  Fashion Week that was  dedicated to sustainable fashion.

08 Feb 2019

Crossover county

The local Jazz scene in the country isn’t as vibrant as one would have liked.

01 Feb 2019

Follow the brick road

Titled Lego Love after the collection’s base inspiration, the line of made-to-order clutches, crossbody bags, backpacks and envelope purses takes up to a month to create.

25 Jan 2019