Regina Gurung

Bengaluru, expect cozier, quieter diwali

Pollution board officials say city is headed for quiet Diwali this year, as sale of crackers hasn’t picked
up yet even at usual hubs.

16 Oct 2017

Insta feed doses keep b’luru sane

Young Instagrammers confess to taking to  photo-sharing app to express themselves and to manage a mental disorder

14 Oct 2017

How to stay fashionable forever

Staying fashionable is difficult, especially when trends are so fickle. Given the rapid updates these days, it doesn’t take long for a new collection becomes ‘last season’.

04 Oct 2017

IISc students to honour Munshiji

Research scholars and budding scientists of Indian Institute of Science are as passionate about theatres as they are about research and experiments.

04 Oct 2017

‘Silly’ Naruto run trends, teens risk spinal injury

Fans of anime character are organising runs just for fun; medical experts warn against attempting it without practice

26 Sep 2017

Woody Allen fans, there’s a hunt for serial killer on tonight

Dark comedy about a techie chasing a homicidal maniac

23 Sep 2017

What if animals hunted us down, asks artist in latest series

Ever wondered what would happen if animals treated us the way we treat them, if they lived our lives and went shopping carrying a 'Free Tibet' bag or played electric guitar with hooves? Abhimanyu Ghim

21 Sep 2017

This 21-year-old has rescued 500 snakes

Final year student of Nature Science in St Joseph’s College works actively with People For Animals

20 Sep 2017

#flexpoliticsbeda:Voters want ‘clean’ polls

Citizens will march and take down boards, as they do not want roads to be masked by ‘political pollution’

20 Sep 2017

Wings clipped, angry pilots stage overnight protest at airline office in Bengaluru

FLYEasy pilots seek refund of Rs 37 lakh training fee they had allegedly paid the company in 2015, refuse to withdraw protest until management speaks with them.

14 Sep 2017

Witch is on hunt for herbs to make potions

 Musuem for herbs, with 15 to 20 species, were not seeing many visitors. To make it more popular and medicine more  approachable to the general public, the management is organising a herb trail.

13 Sep 2017

Are you happy, B’luru?

Centre for Sustainable Development is doing a survey among city’s residents to determine its happiness quotient

12 Sep 2017

Blind faith kills water birds

Their population in city is under threat from idol immersions during Ganesh Chaturthi. Nests are destroyed during their breeding season and chicks choke on plastic decorations that float up

09 Sep 2017

Ask for a story to detect child sexual abuse

Can storytellers identify sexual abuse, harassment and disabilities in children? Shreya Biswas, a 49-year-old professional story teller is not a counsellor, but in her career she has encountered many cases where she was able to identify sexually abused children through storytelling.

07 Sep 2017

Pandavas pulp kauravas in basavanagudi

Veena Ravi’s family is using 5,000 dolls to stage Mahabharata; display open to public

06 Sep 2017