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Speak Japanese? head to city’s first

Consul general of Japan Takayuki Kitagawa vows to hold a language speaking event every three months, as a space to meet other linguists

21 Jun 2017

Rattled, Gorkhalis in the city unite

Unrest in Darjeeling is causing people to worry about families back home.

20 Jun 2017

Fidgety in the  city? Try this toy

New ‘spinner’ promises to relieve stress, and  to help cope with anxiety and medical conditions.
Internet is all abuzz with tutorials but medical experts are not convinced.

19 Jun 2017

Bengaluru trio discovers a Knotty Canyon in Wayanad

In February, a group of three adventure enthusiasts from Bengaluru discovered and named a canyon in Wayanad, Kerala.

14 Jun 2017

Sketch food to ‘eat’ it with all your senses

When you go to a fancy restaurant and get served a scrumptious looking food, what do you immediately do? Take your cellphone out and snap a story for social media.

10 Jun 2017

Nerd out! Bengaluru to get a new Potterhead collective

Are you too much of a Potterhead and cannot seem to find the right place to discuss and debate on the subject? Here’s good news.

07 Jun 2017

Mr Repairman, your days are numbered!

The electronics repair trade is dying a slow death and with it hundreds of people who have been in the trade for years.

06 Jun 2017

Bengaluru residents form ‘squads’ for a better locality

At this year’s first meeting, Halasuru association formed sub-committees to handle various civic issues. Sub-committees formed included those for handling the garbage problems effectively.

05 Jun 2017

‘Didn’t kill the dog, were trying to save’

The two men accused of strangling a dog by a witness and an NGO claim they were trying to help the dog lying wounded in the middle of the Dommasandra Road where heavy vehicles were running in full spe

03 Jun 2017

Violin strums to beat violent bedlam

62-year-old Kishour Giri travels around the country singing songs about love and peace

03 Jun 2017

Photographers to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis

A five-year-old photography group that sighs Thank God it’s Saturday (TGiF) will be exhibiting their art for the fifth year in a row on June 1, the proceeds of which will be donated to a Multiple Scle

01 Jun 2017

Two men accused of strangling and killing an  Indie dog

Case filed; post-mortem reveals dog had been beaten up badly

01 Jun 2017

Rescue home scouts for its heroes

Home for destitutes is looking to expand to care for 500 more.

30 May 2017

Bengaluru will soon have a Bengali magazine

Bengali community is set to celebrate two revered poets and launch Ananda Barta

29 May 2017

Locals to sell goods to raise funds for Milton Street Park

Residents of Cooke Town and RWA of Bengaluru East are organising a second hand flea market on May 28.

27 May 2017

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