Rochana Mohan

Get together to ‘spill it’

Naming Taboo and Uno as some his favourite card games, Adnan feels that Spill It can be played at parties, road trips, and even on dates.

13 Feb 2019

An evening filled with art, music and comedy

The night concluded with a performance titled ‘Kira Kozhambu’ by Perch, and a Carnatic music concert by Sangeetha Sivakumar and TM Krishna.

13 Feb 2019

Shakti’s concert to be set to the tune of empathy and sensitivity

The recurring theme of the Shakti Foundation’s annual fundraiser has been to bring people from all backgrounds under one musical roof for a singular cause.

12 Feb 2019

Call centres: A call of better and brighter life

The companies were attractive to most students due to their casual atmosphere.

12 Feb 2019

27-city gig for a few laughs,Bringing NGos to the fore

Raja came up with the idea two weeks ago, shared it with Sandesh and Bhavneet.

12 Feb 2019

‘My art shows my mind’

When Rohan Dumbre asked his students to paint some Warli tribal art, they astonished him with their creativity and originality.

11 Feb 2019

Passion percussion Padma Shri

On January 25, when drummer Sivamani was climbing up a stage to perform, in Ahmedabad, he received a call from his wife Runa and son Kumaran

05 Feb 2019

Bengaluru couple opens up home and heart for young girl

The massive engine whirrs beneath your body, wind strikes your face and your hair whips around you.

04 Feb 2019

The fast and the furious

Here are nine mistakes that motorists make on the road that drive Rochana Mohan and illustrator Soumyadip Sinha up the wall.

26 Jan 2019

I think people enjoy differences, and can laugh without getting upset: Adnan Nalwala

Nalwala will be performing in Chennai for the first time on January 30 at The Music Academy.

23 Jan 2019

The whole picture, from four women in the field

She explained that in an effort to understand her subjects better, Amrita even took a course in Child Psychology.

23 Jan 2019

Groove to the beats of marimba

Armed with two sticks, Blessing ‘Bled’ Chaminga sets up a lively beat on his marimba, and begins to sing along.

22 Jan 2019

Fairytales in parody

Many of us grew up with stories of princesses and princes in a fantasy world filled with magical creatures and evil beasts.

19 Jan 2019

‘The book deals with belonging based on love rather than only biology’

We all know that adoption is a critical topic in India, where we have countless children whose lives could be transformed by loving homes.

17 Jan 2019

Filling cracks with gilded love

A woman takes a paper with a gold leaf on it and cuts it carefully. Using Arabic glue and a brush, she presses the foil into the cracks in the frame.

17 Jan 2019