Saima Afreen

Surreal Strokes

Confluence. It’s not easy to attain the same, that also with dexterity, when it comes to marrying the tradition with modernity.

25 May 2017

With love from agra

The city’s amalgam of gourmet delights is presented at the food festival at ITC Kakatiya

24 May 2017

The emperor of all colours

As the sun melts the city into a blazing hot yellow, we explore some of the world-famous paintings done in this hue by several artists.

18 May 2017

Stories retold

Manto’s writing came alive as Vinay Varma read from the author’s creative non-fiction work written in beautiful Urdu

13 May 2017

Narratives of times gone by

 The dying professions of the country take us back to the memory lane

11 May 2017

Artists of water

At the group show ongoing in Telangana State Gallery of Art, the watercolours bring a fresh change to the art scene

11 May 2017

In nature’s lap

Artist Anand Bekwad makes his canvases alive through the landscapes and temples that he chooses to paint

11 May 2017

From the Brush of the Bard

On the 156th birth anniversary of poet, author, composer and  thinker Rabindranath Tagore we explore the painter that he was, and the women he chose to paint in his artworks

09 May 2017

Mental health taboo at workplaces  continues

May is the Mental Health Awareness Month and we explore workplace discrimination of people affected with mental diseases or disorders  

04 May 2017

Dastangoi in the time of immigration

Canada-based Indian dastango and playwright Jawaid Danish has given this ancient art of story-telling a new dimension

05 Apr 2017

Miser, but not miserable

‘Kanjoos MakhiCHOOSE’ is a witty play in Dakhni which revolves around a crazy family.

29 Mar 2017

Seduction of words

The latest poetry collection ‘Winter’s Electric Architecture’ by Inam Hussain offers a melange of dreamlike images and modern allegories.

28 Mar 2017

A dreamer’s journal

Poet Rochelle Potkar’s debut poetry collection ‘Four Degrees of Separation’ offers poems of freshness

14 Mar 2017

What's Cooking?

 Chef Mandaar of The Park Hyderabad released his book of recipes that are also blended with anecdotes

07 Mar 2017

The silent victims

When it comes to rape or sexual abuse, men choose to keep mum thanks to the social stigma.

28 Feb 2017

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