Saima Afreen

New Year Flavour Lingers

Barsho Baran, the Bengali Food Festival at The Park Hyderabad continues even this weekend offering authentic festive delicacies from the state

21 Apr 2018

No Monkey Business This is

The ongoing exhibition at GZH brings together the parallel of water-bodies and animal kingdom in a ruthless urbanscape

18 Apr 2018

Chef's Special

The master chef talks to us about the upcoming trends in food and how eating is spiritual as well. Read on find out more from him on cuisines and cooking

15 Apr 2018

Breaking the Barriers

The art works of Renuka Sondhi Gulati not only focus on feminist issues but celebrate the womanhood as well

11 Apr 2018

The Melody in Paint and Poetry

Some art galleries in the country commission poems on selected pieces or collectives of art; poets finish their work, bring out the rendition as the exhibition carries on.

10 Apr 2018

Of Pride and Wounds

The stage adaptation of Manto’s story showcases the insult a sex worker has to go through and how she avenges it

04 Apr 2018

Tales from the Ancient Worlds

The ‘Pataala Prophecy: Son Of Bhrigu’ is the first book in the series by author Christopher Doyle.

03 Apr 2018

City of Bards: Eminent poets who settled down in Hyderabad

From an early time city has seen poets from other regions settling down over here and making it their home; read about some of them as poetry month begins on April 1.

31 Mar 2018

Fitness: The new gold rush among youngsters in Hyderabad

The city witnesses a sudden rise in participation in runs and marathons especially among youngsters. Is it because of the glam factor or are they really serious about the same?

24 Mar 2018

Raconteur of a Forbidden City

Wajida Tabassum was a gifted writer, who took great efforts to fill her female characters with fire that can set the world ablaze even today

17 Mar 2018

Lamakaan: the Heartbeat of Hyderabad city

The 500 square yards area has seen several of such events as it all began on an evening of March 13, 2010 with the performance of Warsi brothers on the stage in the courtyard.

15 Mar 2018

When You Can Loot Books by Kilos

It may be disappointing to see book store giants like Crossword or Landmark to reduce the number of their bookshelves, good news is at hand.

13 Mar 2018

Mistresses of verses

In the male-dominated world of singing, it’s hard as it is for female qawwali singers to continue to take their vocation forward, but when they are survivors and victims of child Sheikh marriages, dom

08 Mar 2018

French connect

The art camp held at Alliance Francaise saw a variety of artworks produced under one roof

07 Mar 2018

Flavours Perennial

The pan-India menu revamp at K&K, ITC Kakatiya brings a bouquet of flavours onto your table

03 Mar 2018