Saima Afreen

Dastangoi in the time of immigration

Canada-based Indian dastango and playwright Jawaid Danish has given this ancient art of story-telling a new dimension

05 Apr 2017

Miser, but not miserable

‘Kanjoos MakhiCHOOSE’ is a witty play in Dakhni which revolves around a crazy family.

29 Mar 2017

Seduction of words

The latest poetry collection ‘Winter’s Electric Architecture’ by Inam Hussain offers a melange of dreamlike images and modern allegories.

28 Mar 2017

A dreamer’s journal

Poet Rochelle Potkar’s debut poetry collection ‘Four Degrees of Separation’ offers poems of freshness

14 Mar 2017

What's Cooking?

 Chef Mandaar of The Park Hyderabad released his book of recipes that are also blended with anecdotes

07 Mar 2017

The silent victims

When it comes to rape or sexual abuse, men choose to keep mum thanks to the social stigma.

28 Feb 2017

Tales in Gold

Artist Seema Kohli uses brilliance of gold and silver leafs in her artworks to contain the philosophy of life

22 Feb 2017

Get a taste of Italian cuisine at Ottimo in Hyderabad

Much like India, Italy, too, offers a melange of regional diversity in cuisines that have developed through hundreds of years.

16 Feb 2017

Talking canvases

Artworks at the current exhibition at Dhi Art Gallery are about dystopic landscapes blended
with abundant flora and fauna

15 Feb 2017

Poet: Thy name is spirituality

For Arundhathi Subramaniam poetry is an extremely distilled utterance from which arises a particular kind of sorcery that you do not find in prose

14 Feb 2017

Connecting lines and pixels

 The ongoing exhibition at Shrishti Art Gallery focuses on artworks done in pixels quite unique

08 Feb 2017

Literature is an oasis: Tishani Doshi

Poet and dancer Tishani Doshi pays tribute to the late Chandralekha in a talk at HLF, 2017.

31 Jan 2017

Not just menstruating muse, women are creators of art and literature

A panel discussion on the last day of Hyderabad Literary Festival, fittingly titled ‘Not Just Menstruating Muse’, reflected on the categorisation of women in the field of Art and literature.

30 Jan 2017

Ode to the breast giver in theatre

The conversation is subtly directed towards Jashoda, the protagonist who breastfeeds children of a Haldar family and through the income feeds her own family. 

28 Jan 2017

Across the minds

The dramatic reading of the play at the British Council, as part of  Writers’ Bloc Showcase, focussed on conscious and subconscious choices the heart has to choose

26 Jan 2017

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