Saima Afreen

 When Painting Heals

City artist Sachita Aditi Sharma had a life full of bumpy rides and now conducts art therapy workshops for people unable to deal with the demands of a stressful life  

09 Nov 2017

Frailty Thy Name is Woman

 At a glance the paintings by Sachin Sagare appear to be copies of each other given they emerge from the same colour palette. 

08 Nov 2017

The world through his lens

During the Taliban regime, it was unsafe for journalists to work in Afghanistan. The situation became more dangerous when Zakia Zaki, journalist and director of Peace Radio was killed

28 Sep 2017

With love from Gujarat

The ongoing food festival at Taj Krishna celebrates the  Gujarati food and the spirit of Navratri

23 Sep 2017

Is there help enough?

Is Hyderabad equipped to handle people who  suffer from Alzheimer’s?

21 Sep 2017

Down the memory lane

 For photographer and filmmaker Sarah Li, Hyderabad offers a journey back to her roots 

20 Sep 2017

An evening to remember

‘Essays by Roopa in Flux’ enthralled Hyderabadis  with their fresh musical renderings

20 Sep 2017

In deep blue sea

Author, photographer and researcher Pankaj Sekhsaria, through a compilation of his research articles published as a book, raises key issues about Andaman and Nicobar Islands

19 Sep 2017

With love from bengal

The Bengali Food Festival ongoing at Siesta Hitech offers hoicest delights like Khasir Shorba, Luchi,  Doi Murgi and more

16 Sep 2017

A walk to remember

 Regular walks pump more blood to the brain which help creative people think and write better

12 Sep 2017

It’s from god’s own country

The Onam Sadhya still continues at Hyderabad Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre the way Suriani Christians prepare it

09 Sep 2017

The saga of books and bans

It took firebrand Leftist authors in the pre-Partition era to stir controversies and be summoned to the courts for their radical thinking. Saadat Hasan Manto and Ismat Chugtai faced the flak for speak

09 Sep 2017

Still they rise

The group show at Shrishti Art Gallery showcases a melange of artworks that are promising

06 Sep 2017

From the Heart of Darkness

 The life of Gondwana tribals are beautifully documented in the photography series.

06 Sep 2017

Verses, muse and more

 The 10th edition of Guntur Poetry Festival organised every year in the quaint  town of Guntur offers everything that a poetry lover can ask for

05 Sep 2017