Saima Afreen

Defeat the  Demons 

The recent suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, who committed suicide after battling with depression raises issues as to  where we lack  and how ordinary citizens can chip in to offer help to t

16 Jun 2018

Chr Saima Afreen onicles of Time

The ongoing exhibition at Kalakriti Art Gallery by various artists offers a glimpse into the moments that have passed by

13 Jun 2018

Murder, She Wrote

Based on popular novelist Agatha Christie’s work, the play Bungalow #144  offers a mix of suspense, good art of story-telling and seasoned acting

13 Jun 2018

The Southern Connect

The new menu at Dakshin,ITC Kakatiya offers a variety of flavours and tastes

09 Jun 2018

Poems from a Rebel’s Pen

Nabina Das’s third poetry collection ‘Sanskarnama’ laments the dark times looming over the nation and its people

05 Jun 2018

The architect of music

Noted Jazz pianist Sharik Hasan, who was in Hyderabad for a lec dem performance, blends both Hindustani and Western musical elements in his compositions by staying true to his inner voice

24 May 2018

The Sea of Colours

 the recently-concluded art exhibition at lamakaan offered a variety of works by young artists from the city

23 May 2018

Relish and celebrate this Ramzan with Hyderabadi dishes

We tell you about some top restaurants in the city where exclusively crafted Ramzan dishes are available in Hyderabad.

19 May 2018

Andal: the Teen Icon

The corpus of the saint-poet of South India celebrates her freedom as a woman both in her mysticism and body when she was just a teenager

10 May 2018

Of Parallels and Paradoxes

The culmination of theme reflects the Basavaraj L Jane’s perception of the world with its woman: marginalized and sidelined, juggling with daily struggles and her body

09 May 2018

Life and Times of a Goat

The reason why Perumal Murugan’s novel ‘Poonachi’ is a  must-read is that it’s not just a tale of our times, it offers a narrative brimming with fluid simplicity sans any embellishment

08 May 2018

Wounded Childhoods

Why Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) is a much neglected area when it comes to mental health we try to find out as May, the month of Mental Health Awareness, begins

05 May 2018

Spring Fiesta: India Bistro celebrates Baisakhi Food Festival

The ongoing Baisakhi Food Festival at India Bistro is worth your money given the exquisite platter they have on offer.

28 Apr 2018

People's spitting habit pushes Hyderabad down in Swachh Sarvekshan list

The city can never be completely clean unless people stop spitting in public places. More than the slap of fines the change needs to to come from within.

26 Apr 2018

New Year Flavour Lingers

Barsho Baran, the Bengali Food Festival at The Park Hyderabad continues even this weekend offering authentic festive delicacies from the state

21 Apr 2018