Saima Afreen

Art Served with coffee

Various art-cafes in the city bring the curious minds and art aficionados together.

22 Feb 2018

Soaring  High

Poet Subhashini KaligoTla’s debut poetry collection is a dialogue from the subcontinent and to the subcontinent which presents a unique view of Inner landscapes

06 Feb 2018

Persia on Your Plate

Ever had rice-less biryani? Try this biryani or beryani from the authentic Persian menu curated by chef Anaida Parvaneh in SodaBottleOpenerWala at the month-long food promotion.

04 Feb 2018

Two states on your table

 The Odia-Bengali food promotion at Jivati Restro is worth trying as the items are prepared with organic vegetables and meat

27 Jan 2018

The Write Choice

The 31st edition of Hyderabad Book Fair is on and offers books on Leftist literature to 100 year-old out of print books from erstwhile USSR

25 Jan 2018

A Slice of Spain

Award winning author  Cristina Sánchez-Andrade talks about her books, the tradition of oral narration in her country and how she has fallen in love with the writings of Indian author Saadat Hasan Mant

23 Jan 2018

Hope for stolen childhoods

In a hard hitting play of their life stories, the rescued /escaped daughters of sex workers of Kamathipura narrate their ordeals which for them is a form of therapy

18 Jan 2018

Goan food, the home way

The Food Festival at Hotel Park Hyatt offers a melange of the state’s cuisine prepared with hints of Portuguese flavours

13 Jan 2018

Minding the Space

The play ‘The Park’ is worth watching especially because it explores urban melancholia, immigration and isolation

10 Jan 2018

Art Extraordinaire

Krishnakriti Festival 2018 presents a mélange of several art, music, cartography and heritage events

04 Jan 2018

Revisit Our History

This New Year if you are in the city for precious family time, spend it with them re-discovering the heritage structures

02 Jan 2018


Celebrate the Yuletide spirit with this unique dishes available in select restaurants of the city

23 Dec 2017

Fiction is Stranger than History

It’s not only Padmavati which is a character of fiction, there are several such other characters who are mistaken as part of history because they are paired with historical figures in epicsmade popula

23 Dec 2017

Verses on Canvas

The artworks of artist Sita Sudhakar try to create a balance between dreams and reality

13 Dec 2017

Yesterday’s  Tortured Children:Today’s Bullies?

The news of a 13-year-old in US committing suicide over school-bullying is scary. But what if bullying exists within families as well? We try to find out 

06 Dec 2017