Sajin Shrijith

Audiences have become receptive to new sounds: Sushin Shyam

Composer Sushin Shyam on his working process in the films, Varathan, Maradona and Lilli.

35 minutes ago

Theevandi is not a dark or preachy film: Vini Vishwa Lal

 Vini Vishwa Lal is the screenwriter of Tovino Thomas’ latest film, which is hitting theatres this Onam.

14 Aug 2018

'Neeli' review: A cliched, cringe-inducing borefest

When all of us are claiming that Malayalam cinema is currently going through a great phase, it's a pity that some filmmakers are still churning out cringle-inducingly regressive and outdated material.

13 Aug 2018

I don’t wish to be typecast: Tito Wilson

Angamaly Diaries fame Tito Wilson on his positive role in Maradona and why doing substantial roles are important to him

10 Aug 2018

Baahubali prequel series will be along the lines of Game of Thrones: Anand Neelakantan

Bestselling author Anand Neelakantan on the upcoming Netflix adaptation of his book, The Rise of Sivagami, and future projects

09 Aug 2018

I look for the best scripts: Mayanadhi actress Aishwarya Lekshmi

Aishwarya Lekshmi on her role in Varathan, the Mayanadhi after-effect, and her next film...

08 Aug 2018

Dakini will be different from Ottamuri Velicham: Director Rahul Riji Nair

Director Rahul Riji Nair sits down with Express to discuss Dakini and the reception of small-scale films in Kerala.

07 Aug 2018

‘Varikkuzhiyile Kolapaathakam is not a typical murder mystery’

...says director Rejishh Midhila, whose new film stars Amit Chakalakkal and Dileesh Pothan

06 Aug 2018

'Iblis' movie review: A bold, colourful and whimsical tale

Rohith V S' second film Iblis is set in a seemingly utopian land where -- to put it vaguely so as to not spoil anything -- the living and dead share the same space.

04 Aug 2018

Oldmonks takes poster designing to another level

In an age where digital technology has nearly taken over nearly all aspects of filmmaking including poster designing, a firm called Oldmonks is slowly bringing back an interest in movie posters.

03 Aug 2018

We felt Mohanlal would be Perfect as Ithikkara Pakki: Bobby and Sanjay

Screenwriter Sanjay of the Bobby-Sanjay duo speaks at length about their latest, Kayamkulam Kochunni

02 Aug 2018

Malayalam cinema gives space for experimentation: Deepak D Menon

Maradona cinematographer Deepak D Menon on his working process and technical choices

31 Jul 2018

Breaking gender barriers in melody making: Malayalam music composers Sayanora Philip and Neha Nair

Music composers Sayonara Philip and Neha Nair talk about the difficulties in getting work in a male-dominated industry like Malayalam cinema and how it can be changed.

29 Jul 2018

'Maradona' movie review: An emotionally rewarding tale of redemption

Tovino Thomas is very convincing in a pivotal scene where his character undergoes an unexpected transformation, an after-effect no doubt of an emotionally-shattering event.

28 Jul 2018

Filmmaking is a team effort: Editor Praveen Prabhakar on working in Anjali Menon's 'Koode'

Express chats with editor Praveen Prabhakar, who worked on Anjali Menon's 'Koode' after successful collaborations in 'Bangalore Days' and 'Usthad Hotel'.

27 Jul 2018

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