Sangeeta Cavale Radhakrishna

Where a pastry becomes a sweet art

The Academy of Pastry Arts imparts hands-on training on par with world-class institutes, provides access to best ingredients, latest technology and equipment

26 Aug 2017

Tap into your sadness, anger, and let them go

Everyone has heard of tap dance and tapping the face to improve blood circulation, but now there’s an alternative form of healing called Emotional Freedom Therapy or EFT.

29 Jul 2017

Mother-in-law’s tongue, snake hood in the living room

The space is provided by the architects and designers of Total Environment Building Systems to the founder Kamal Sagar and his wife Bharati, who live in Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

05 Jul 2017

Crystals cure by cleansing chakras

Even as we face our present moments, we always have the free will and choice to change. This is the inner work, the inner journey.

27 Apr 2017

She weaves a symphony of colours in thread

For 80 year old Rama Katara creating beautiful flowers, animals and birds on tapestry using the fine medium of embroidery and cross stitch is sheer poetry in action. 

25 Mar 2017

Experience stillness of nature and the joy of movement

To celebrate womanhood and feminine creativity, “The Arts Village” tucked away on St Mark’s road is hosting a show featuring the works of two strong, independent and self-made artistes from the city,

11 Mar 2017

Follow turkeys to under the raintree

Bengaluru’s luxury hotel, housed in a century-old building, has one  of the most enviable gardens

15 Feb 2017

Let angels & flowers do the talking

Bengaluru-based Oracle therapist brings back balance in people’s lives

04 Feb 2017

Singer saint in tech city

B'lurean, who preserves a 150-year-old Vedic tradition that honours Saint Thyagaraja, asks for support

16 Jan 2017

Good art can be cheap and small, says curator of Small and Beautiful

An art show called ‘Small and Beautiful’ showcases works of 28 artists and aims to demystify art.

12 Dec 2016

An affair not so cheesy

Mukund talks about his leap into immortality

10 Dec 2016

Laughter therapist in Chennai grows a garden for five senses

Dr Misra’s garden has halyconia, Bird of Paradise, bunches of red flowers called Exora, Morning Glory, hibiscus in red, pink and yellow.

07 Dec 2016

Geometrical clouds from Sindh

Tracing a woman’s endeavour to promote textile from a forgotten civilisation

07 Dec 2016

Taught yoga to Putin, now inks canvas

Bharat Thakur holds first ever painting exhibition in the city

23 Nov 2016

Zen and the art of untangling 

Bengaluru-based Japanese sculptor Mari Dhanukonda’s inspired art calms your mind and lets you find inner harmony while doodling and creating marvellous repetitive patterns on a paper

12 Nov 2016