Santwana Bhattacharya


Without ever holding a party position, Priyanka Gandhi has always had a key role to play in the affairs of the Congress.

9 hours ago

India to watch key North East polls with bated breath

Manik Sarkar’s long-standing CPI-M Government in Tripura, the NPF’s stranglehold over Nagaland and the Congress rule in Meghalaya, all are up against the BJP’s ambitious foray into the North-East.

19 Jan 2018


Covering the apex court has never been this exciting! Not even when major verdicts were slated.

14 Jan 2018

The natural brooms of 2018

Spiritual politics, anti-incumbency in Tripura and Meghalaya and Karnataka’s communal strife will pave the way for showdown in 2019

12 Jan 2018


Himanta Biswa Sarma is the BJP’s one-man demolition squad in the North-East. In Tripura, the soft-spoken CM Manik Sarkar has signalled it will be a ‘tight fight’ ahead.

07 Jan 2018

Parliment diary

Even days of after the results, RK Nagar by-election remains as a hot topic of discussion in Parliament with AIADMK and DMK MPs ribbing each other and in turn getting it from others, including the MPs

29 Dec 2017

Parliment diary

The stalemate ending in Parliament meant, the last few days of the winter session can be rescued from the daily bout of disruptions.

28 Dec 2017


So what exactly happened that evening at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house, where the creme de la creme of India’s old foreign policy establishment had gathered for some good Track II tete-a-tete? Like a goo

24 Dec 2017

Rahul Gandhi dials Kanimozhi but DMK may hang up on Congress

The 2G verdict opens up Tamil Nadu politics in a way that may decisively affect the national electoral scene going into 2019.

23 Dec 2017

It’s really a face-off between Modi and Sonia

The impasse in Parliament, particularly the washout in Rajya Sabha, is boiling down to a tussle between the unflinching stands taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former Congress

23 Dec 2017


M Venkaiah Naidu is creating ripples in his role as Rajya Sabha Chairman with his habit of punning words.

20 Dec 2017

Modi wins, Rahul doesn’t lose

The BJP has managed to win the Gujarat Assembly elections for the sixth consecutive time. But victory did not come easy

19 Dec 2017


There was a little musical-chairs of nameplates, as rooms were swapped at 24 Akbar Road. Rahul Gandhi, now Congress President, has replaced Sonia Gandhi.

17 Dec 2017

Parliament diary

No sooner had the outgoing Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, told a TV journalist the only future role she saw for herself was ‘retirement’, her party loyalists went into overdrive.

16 Dec 2017

For exit polls, it is BJP all the way in Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh

BJP bastion Gujarat had seemed a wide open field during the campaign, but Congress appears to have failed to turn the tide in its favour.

15 Dec 2017