Santwana Bhattacharya

Nitin Gadkari: Just leave the rivers to me

Tasked with transforming India’s rivers and riverine systems, minister Nitin Gadkari says he has the drive and the funds to get projects going by 2019

2 hours ago

‘Just leave the rivers to me’

As the nation’s river minister, Nitin Gadkari has bound himself to essentially two tasks: one to clean up the rivers, and to stop them from flowing into the sea, which he says is a waste of water.

2 hours ago


Shah Rukh Khan had an unusual escort to Kolkata airport when he went visiting the city for the state-sponsored film festival — Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

8 hours ago

Dalit leader Jignesh Mevani fails to back Congress overtly for Gujarat polls

Dalit activist Jignesh Mevani — one of three Young Turks trying to shake up Gujarat politics or the 22 years of unbroken BJP rule in the state — was in Delhi to canvas for his communities’ cause.

16 Nov 2017


Against ostentation and wastage, Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit has issued instructions that he should be spared the pleasure of receiving endless bouquets.

12 Nov 2017

A rook here, a castle there

The DMK is no longer a political pariah for Modi and his party. Such realignments are well thought out and are part of a bigger plan

10 Nov 2017


The front-page apology for a two-year-old drug syndicate story against former Akali Dal minister Bikram Singh Majithia in The Tribune has sent the rumour mill on an overdrive.

05 Nov 2017

In Himachal Pradesh, lampooning takes up large part of polls as BJP takes on Congress

It’s almost as if both the Congress and the BJP, locked in a direct fight, want to quickly get Himachal out of the way, so as to focus on the ‘real fight’ in Gujarat.

03 Nov 2017


While many from ‘other walks of life’ are planning a political debut, particularly in Tamil Nadu, the buzz in capital circles is that cricket legend Kapil Dev too could be marking his run-up all over

29 Oct 2017

Himachal heat, gujarat chill

BJP and Congress are battling it out in Gujarat. Even as the spotlight is on the PM’s home state, the fight for Himachal has taken an edgier turn

27 Oct 2017


Surprising as it may seem, the tattle in the Congress is not so much on Rahul Gandhi’s ‘takeover’ or who’ll become the new political secretary to the new Congress president.

22 Oct 2017

Rahul’s coronation only a formality now?

Rahul Gandhi’s elevation as the next president of the Indian National Congress is almost a fait accompli — what with all state units of the party (barring poll-bound Himachal Pradesh,

21 Oct 2017

The Coalition Years 1996-2012: Pranab Mukherjee's political autobiography is a tell-all memoir that doesn’t slip into a salacious vein

If anyone wants a top-echelon insider’s take on parliamentary politics and how and why successive governments at the Centre did what they did — a rare behind-the-scenes peek into high statecraft — the

15 Oct 2017


The hope for another cabinet reshuffle never dies down. Not when allies, old and new, are waiting in expectation of berths.

15 Oct 2017

Manmohan Singh reveals how he pipped Pranab Mukherjee to become Prime Minister in 2004

That subject also promises to be one of the central revelations in Pranab’s political autobiography — ‘The Coalition Years’ (1996-2012) released at Teen Murti Bhawan on Friday.

14 Oct 2017