Santwana Bhattacharya

Prison as national language?

Witness the language of incarceration creeping up on us. Prison terms seem to be a walk in the park now, as casually dispensed as Metro tickets

20 Sep 2019

Ultimate Lutyens insider, the master orator was also a quiet architect of Modi's rise

From  the benches of Lodhi Gardens to Supreme Court benches, from inner party chambers to Parliament’s Central Hall — a certain part of New Delhi will not be the same.

26 Aug 2019

Chidambaram and history from the 10th floor

Congress still remains unprepared to face the New Order. It’s still hanging on to the truisms of ‘secular socialism’ and ‘social democracy’

23 Aug 2019

Need to find resources to rebuild Karnataka, offer compensation to farmers

Despite its fair share of existential neuroses, Karnataka is by nature a chilled out, benevolent state.

20 Aug 2019

Insider - out

Jammu & Kashmir has not only lost its special status, it has been bifurcated and downgraded from a state with a six-year long assembly tenure to a union territory.

18 Aug 2019

Two lives,over coffee and politics

Jaipal Reddy and V G Siddhartha are not names you ordinarily mention in the same breath. And yet they have some surprising commonalities

02 Aug 2019

Insider- out

Yediyurappa did not simply make it back to the CM’s chair by changing the letters of his name back to how it used to be (whether astrologynumerology will help him get real numbers is a moot point).

28 Jul 2019

Drought of will, flood of betrayals

 Today, our lawmakers change parties the way movie stars change their over-the-top outfits on the Cannes red carpet

19 Jul 2019

Insider-out: Karnataka political thriller continues

The buzz has it that the former CM would not actually mind becoming leader of opposition.

14 Jul 2019

Suddenly, no more Rah-Rah

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi’s resignation letter, though it talks about love and compassion, sounds angry. And the target is his own party.

05 Jul 2019


A seat for MMS Firebrand Vaiko is expected to be in the Rajya Sabha soon, thanks to the DMK.

30 Jun 2019


Expect to see, somewhere down the year, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana getting their own separate governors for the first time.

16 Jun 2019

The ‘Little Indias’ of our mind

What do people relate to? Why does it seem like we are in a moment of collective iconoclasm?

14 Jun 2019


The informal tea party at Sonia Gandhi’s residence post her election as the Congress Parliamentary Party chief had MPs making a beeline towards Rahul Gandhi to figure out his mood.

02 Jun 2019

Modi is now the name of an era

Modi has done better than Indira. In fact, there is no other leader than the former prime minister to whom he can be compared with

01 Jun 2019