Saumya R Chawla

Don’t rub off on me! 

Even worse — a swatch of your paleness rubs off on your boyfriend every time your cheek brushes against his.

08 Jan 2019

Please keep these three promises

Yes, yes, Merry Christmas and I hope you guys have a fabulous year ahead but I have a bone to pick.

26 Dec 2018

Beauty lessons learnt in college

For starters, be kind to your skin. Cleanse your face every night. Or at least, try your extra hardest.

18 Dec 2018

Year of complex complexions

But the biggest change I have incorporated this year is most definitely the powder-before-foundation method, better known as the Goss foundation technique. 

15 Dec 2018

A year of complex complexions

Basically what you do is, dust a loose powder on your face before applying your liquid foundation.

11 Dec 2018

When I took the plunge

I will admit that most of the reason I tried this is because Bella Hadid apparently swears by it, and well… if it’s okay for Bella, it’s okay for me.

04 Dec 2018

Mascara and the ultimate Sad Girl Test

On today’s episode of What’s wrong with my life, let me tell you all about the nervousness that comes with trying out a new mascara; courtesy my RCS (Regular Crying Sessions).

27 Nov 2018

Makeup in motion: How to not maim yourself

Having said this, apply mascara and eyeliner at your own risk.

14 Nov 2018

Delve into Diwali décor 

South Indian brand Elan Furnishings has made its mark by celebrating style, luxury and understated opulence.

02 Nov 2018

Brands come up to save oceans

I hope this resonates with at least some of you, but I have a complicated relationship with my beauty products.

30 Oct 2018

Iconic lipsticks for your next night out

Next up we have Stila’s Stay All Day which literally stays forever.

16 Oct 2018

Clean up your manicure like a pro

I live to get my nails done.

02 Oct 2018

Set, press, touch up

It’s a tough life when you want to maintain a cool-girl aura but your skin doesn’t quite get with the cool-girl programme.

25 Sep 2018

Face masks to cleansers to masks

Iam by no means an impulsive risk taker.

18 Sep 2018

Fake your way to great lighting

Acursory Google search on anything related to ‘flawless skin’ or ‘complexion makeup tips’ will deliver several tutorials, involving multiple steps, products, blending techniques and tools.

11 Sep 2018