Limit use of cellphones to prevent chances of contracting skin diseases, says Shahnaz Husain

A number of studies have spoken about the harmful effects the electromagnetic rays emitted by these electronic gadgets have on our body.

13 Jul 2019

How seasonal changes affect beauty care

While soap is the most common cleansing agent, it cleanses the skin superficially and does not remove every trace of grime, oil and other deposits.

06 Jul 2019

Take your pick: Chignon or ponytail

Braids also help to feel cool and keep long hair out of the way.

29 Jun 2019

Haircare regime before and after swimming

While chlorine helps to clean and disinfect the water, it can strip the hair of its natural oils, making it dry, dull, matted and rough.

22 Jun 2019

Natural Remedies for Monsoon Foot Care

The main problem during the hot and humid season is perspiration. The feet is one of the areas where germs accumulate and odour forms.

15 Jun 2019

How do you wash your hair?

Thanks to our daily exposure to grime and chemical air pollutants, washing hair is assuming more and more importance these days.

08 Jun 2019

Herbal Healing

Ayurvedic texts tell us about the specific combination of herbs, which increase efficacy such as trifala, a combination of three herbs.

01 Jun 2019

Match your makeup with the weather

Weather often create havoc in letting your makeup last through the day. In the monsoons, the applied foundation becomes streaky and blotchy.

01 Jun 2019

How to choose the right wig and hair extensions

In case of partial balding, you can go for hair extensions, but take care that the hair of the hair extensions match with your natural hair in colour and texture.

26 May 2019

Get glam: Here is how to choose the right powder for your face

In our hot and humid weather, powder can be applied by itself, without foundation, for daytime make-up.

18 May 2019

Mascara tips: Here's how you can get those dramatic eyelashes on fleek

Apply less mascara – too much of it will make the lashes stick together.

11 May 2019

Fragrance, the finishing touch

Fragrance is very much a part of grooming.

04 May 2019

Tackle skin problems with home remedies in summers

Skin problems like heat rashes, sun tan or sun burn are very common in summer.

20 Apr 2019

Some tips for preventing body odour in summers

Perspiration is the body’s natural way of cooling itself. Sweat mixes with surface bacteria and decomposes fast, creating problems of body odour.

30 Mar 2019

It’s better to visit a salon for waxing

Waxing  is the most popular method of removing hair from parts of the body, like the arms, underarms and legs.

23 Mar 2019