Sharanya Manivannan

The pollachi crisis

The media shorthand for the situation is ‘the Pollachi case’, but with possibly hundreds of people directly affected by it, it might be better to call it the Pollachi crisis.

21 Mar 2019

The ‘batter’ morning

You may think it’s just one little download — but just like ‘one vote’ or ‘one plastic straw’, you’re not the only one.

14 Mar 2019

Low divorce rate is unfortunate

As a child, I once got my hands on some kind of corporate diary, and flipped through its strange front matter curiously.

07 Feb 2019

A bird’s mating cry, overheard

It was the length of the tailfeathers that caught my eye, and then the statuesqueness of the pose, and only lastly those eyes like beads of ruby.

05 Jan 2019

Can an identity be apolitical and realistic simultaneously?

I wish I could offer the unequivocal hope that he is that unbelievably rare figure — a progressive spiritual leader — and that his welcome to sex workers is a feminist act.

28 Dec 2018

Women, use your self-expression as an avatar, not as an armour

But it’s time for me to come clean. At some point, that camouflage ceased to be an armour.

19 Dec 2018

Indigo, a soother and a fighter

You’d imagine the indigo plant would contain a clue of what it’s capable of, but from root to leaf-tip, it gives little away.

22 Nov 2018

Complex reasons behind every action

Or that this new vocabulary may later liberate her, but for right now it overpowers her in such a volcanic way that she would rather not feel the things it brings up.

25 Oct 2018

Is marriage the end to a woman’s career?

The enigmatic Annapurna Devi died in Mumbai at 91 last week.

17 Oct 2018

The evolving landscape of law and order

This law had no provision for women to lodge a case.

04 Oct 2018

An undemanding coexistence

My closest neighbour is a neem tree, and she rests her lovely-leafed branches on the glass of the window by my reading nook.

26 Sep 2018

Museums house the world in them

Brazil’s national museum was only 200 years old, but contained within it were artifacts aged millennia, like the 11,500-year-old female skull nicknamed Luzia.

05 Sep 2018

Ban condom ads, ban sex education!

From 6 am to 10 pm, Indian televisions will no longer broadcast condom ads.

13 Dec 2017

The theory of ‘belonging’ and the roots of origin

October 1 was the 10th anniversary of my move to Chennai.

12 Oct 2017

Co-existence of odds in nature

The holes didn’t make the leaves look any less beautiful, and that’s what caught my eye.

27 Sep 2017