Sharmila Chand

High Tea soiree in style 

An elegant tea ritual complete with savouries in classy environs, High Tea is altogether a different experience.

11 Dec 2018

Listen to the legends of Hindustani classical music

The four-day event will see legends in the field of vocal and instrumental music regaling the audience.

11 Dec 2018

Culinary gems from a Kerala kitchen

A ten year old boy was a night guard to his grandmother who ran a tea shop in the middle of a paddy field in Kerala village.

02 Dec 2018

There is a twist in this sweet story 

From  meat halwa to wasabi crème brûlée to chocolate cake in chili-sauce ganache, the hot trend calls for turning conventionality on its head  by adding a sweet twist to it. 

01 Dec 2018

Think global, source local and eat mindful

At the home turf, chefs have been making incessant efforts towards this concept.

30 Nov 2018

Rewind with Food, flavours and family

And that precisely explains why Rewind’s menu runs in several pages offering 400 dishes and more. 

24 Nov 2018

A puritan’s no frills homestyle food

In a distinctive sweet tone and a gentle demeanour, he greets his guests. You start conversing with him and he will mention his father Gyani Santokh Singh with that little ache in his voice.

19 Nov 2018

The princess of pickle

Delhi-based Niharika Bhargava provides jobs to rural women and revives traditional recipes through organic farming practices.

26 May 2018