Shevlin Sebastian

Shooting for the stars

Elizabeth Koshy, the first Malayali to win a medal in a national-level rifle sports championship, aims at her next target: The April Commonwealth Games in Australia.

8 hours ago

Keeping an eye on ‘em

The ParentEye app enables teachers and parents to connect with each other. The students’ performance can be evaluated over the year and their daily movements can be monitored

12 Nov 2017

Climax King

Scriptwriter Sachi on Ramaleela, his latest Mollywood hit

11 Nov 2017

Putting it right

Rayhan Thomas of Malayali origin is steadily making a mark on the international amateur golfing stage

11 Nov 2017

When an autorickshaw overturned

Child actor Gourav Menon talks about his experiences in the films Jilebi, Kolumittayi and Philips and the Monkey Pen

08 Nov 2017

In good faith

Despite facing resistance, a Muslim couple continues to save an old snake temple in Kerala

02 Nov 2017

A joyous moment. Rare one too

The circumcision of a Jewish baby takes place in the city after seven-and-a-half years

02 Nov 2017

A twilight scene 

Scriptwriter John Paul talks about his experiences in the films, Yaathra, Ormakkayi and Adathaduthu

01 Nov 2017

Lessons from around the world

 In Copenhagen, Denmark, there is a place called Paper Island. Here several empty paper godowns have been converted into places where food is served, in separate units.

28 Oct 2017

Why do we remain such prudes?

Sangeeta was my neighbour in Kolkata. She was fair and had red lips, a typical Punjabi girl. One day, while standing next to each other at a milk booth, we started talking.

19 Oct 2017

8½ Intercuts: Highlighting a legend’s life

Director Lijin Jose talks about ‘8 ½ Intercuts – Life and Times of K G George’, which was screened recently in Kochi

17 Oct 2017

Making a mark quickly

At the Durbar Hall, Kochi, recently, a boy was running around the halls of the art gallery. He was of slight build, with an innocent cum mischievous look.

12 Oct 2017

Shivering in Russia: Deepti Sati talks about her experience

Actor Deepti Sati talks about her experiences in the films Nee-Na and Jaguar

11 Oct 2017

An extended play from songs gone by

A retired Kerala government official’s museum that celebrated its second anniversary this year boasts 250 gramophones and over one lakh records.

07 Oct 2017

The wondrous Variety of life

A variety of artworks are on display at the ‘Oradimannu’ (One Foot) exhibition at the Bindhi art gallery

07 Oct 2017