Shevlin Sebastian

Householder of History

Now, there are 32 types of trees, including the Red Beed, Blackboard, and the Indian Berry, and 45 species of plants and flowers.

17 Nov 2018

Slices of reel life

Thereafter, it is a mix of comedy and sadness but it makes for a riveting watch.

14 Nov 2018

Timeless songs of Shonar Bangla

Santanu Dutta sits cross-legged on the carpeted floor of a hall in The Kerala Museum at Kochi on Saturday.

07 Nov 2018

The Sound Collector

One person’s noise sometimes becomes music for other. Berlin-based sound artist Lisa Premke found that rhythm while walking on the streets of Fort Kochi.

03 Nov 2018

life in plastic,it’s fantastic

In Tamil Nadu, 20 per cent of the bottles are recycled for road making.

03 Nov 2018

A drug bust, revisited

As Brian began working on the ‘Steppenwolf’, he became suspicious.

20 Oct 2018

Aussie gesture to Kerala flood hit: From our village to yours charity dinner

It was no surprise that when the Teixeiras heard that the resort had gone under six feet of water in the floods, they offered to send some financial assistance.

15 Oct 2018

‘Emotional recovery will take time’

They may have lost a pet, a favourite study table or their story-books, and these are very dear and important to them.

13 Oct 2018

A whiff of paradise

The moment the Kochi-based travel entrepreneur Tharun Anto crossed from Jaigaon on the Indian border to Phuntsholing, the entry point to Bhutan, the difference was like night and day.

10 Oct 2018

Portmanteau of paints

Till a week ago, a group of artists from Kerala dazzled at Durbar Hall Art Gallery in Kochi at the Cochin Art Show.

07 Oct 2018

Eventful years in the life of violinist Balabhaskar

The first time Lakshmi met Balabhaskar was at University College, Thiruvananthapuram in 2000. Soon, they began to meet regularly.

03 Oct 2018

A filmmaker with a clarity of vision, says Jagadish about Thampi Kannanthanam

When actor Jagadish heard about  Thampi Kannanthanam’s death, at age 64, his mind went back to the past.

03 Oct 2018

Warrior who heals

From small beginnings, Solace has become a large front of help providing a kit of food ration and clothes to the families of over 1,800 ailing children every month.

29 Sep 2018

Toadies of toddy rejoice

The toddy shop is as singular to Kerala as the bistro is to France.

28 Sep 2018

Memories of a golden era

“I have heard a few Malayalam songs and Yesudas is one of my favourite singers," says Shravan Rathod. 

26 Sep 2018