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A trove of  information

P Jayaraman’s book Random Explorations focuses on personality profiles, management trends, travel, social issues and book reviews

6 hours ago

Let’s be original

But when he stepped inside it looked like a Christian chapel, with the high ceiling and wooden benches.

16 Sep 2019

Tom Aditya: The malayali who is now mayor of an English town

Tom Aditya, originally from Kerala, was elected as the mayor of Bradley Stoke in May. Born in Pala, Aditya is on a whirlwind visit to his home state from where he immigrated in 2002.

09 Sep 2019

Behind high walls

Father John offers counselling primarily to career criminals who kill people for a living.

24 Aug 2019

Dr George Mathew: The Keralite doctor treating tribals in Jharkhand

Dr George Mathew, former principal of the Christian Medical College, Vellore, talks about his experiences in Biru, a tribal village of Jharkhand.

22 Aug 2019

The memory chronicler

Mitra Tantra was born when Kamath realised that all tangible records of his mother’s memories vanished after her death.

11 Aug 2019

Life is joyful

Sara Caleeckal, 78, a cancer survivor and poet helps troubled juvenile delinquents through art therapy

10 Aug 2019

‘The youth are one-dimensional’

Eminent social scientist Ashis Nandy talks about the mindset of the youth, the state of the minorities and online attacks on him

07 Aug 2019

Kerala government school run by philanthropists gets Rs 20 crore infrastructure boost

Today three lakh students in Kerala are witnessing change, thanks to the efforts of philanthropists Faizal and Shabana who sought to illuminate young minds.

03 Aug 2019

Cool, comfortable and cosy: How cloth diapers are becoming a new hit

The Bumpadum cloth diapers which can be reused, has many takers

31 Jul 2019

It is not a logical process: Hypnotist Freddy Jacquin

Hypnotists Freddy Jacquin and son Anthony, who were in the city recently, talk about ways to cure ailments and mental blocks through the use of hypnosis

29 Jul 2019

Thiruvananthapuram traveller in Auto Mode

Naufar Jaleel has covered 19,000 km in 232 days on his TVS King 4S, named ‘Qalifa’, which runs on LPG and has a seat which can be converted into a vertical bed.

27 Jul 2019

The guilt of murder weighs me down

The other day, I killed an ant which was wandering near a bottle of honey in my kitchen.

22 Jul 2019

Lawbreakers in Colombia

US-based academician Amy Ritterbusch, who was in Kochi recently, says the worst forms of oppression in any society are meted out by the police

18 Jul 2019

Indian Blind Football Federation to promote women’s teams 

In five-a-side blind football, four players should be B1 (fully blind), while the goalkeeper can be B3, which means he can have partial sight, or be fully sighted.

13 Jul 2019