Shruthi HM

All World’s a stage

Training Sideways, a Bengaluru-based behavioural training company uses the theatrics to further their cause

07 Dec 2017

Act, sing and dance to understand

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players,” wrote William Shakespeare in his play As You Like It.

07 Dec 2017

Egg price goes north, fuelled by demand and low production

Winter is here. But it’s definitely not the sunny side up for egg lovers this season as eggs get dearer.

21 Nov 2017

Forget bad traffic in Bengaluru, Hyperloop can transport you in a flash

US-based firm signs MoU with the government to take up the feasibility study on routes from Bengaluru.

17 Nov 2017

Ignoring government's revised rates, many restaurants still charging 18 percent GST in Bengaluru

Even though the GST Council has announced a reduction in tax rates for restaurants effective from November 15, several restaurants in the city are yet to implement the revised rates.

16 Nov 2017

A tech-enabled breakout

Little did Hareesh Mothi, an audit expert, think that he would end up as a gaming entrepreneur.

16 Nov 2017

Karnataka tops with investment proposals worth Rs1.47 lakh crore

Karnataka has maintained its position as the most attractive investment destination in the country for the second consecutive year.

10 Nov 2017

Bengaluru city home to highest number of IoT startups in country

Software megapolis Bengaluru, which led the country’s IT revolution, is now at the forefront in ushering the new age technology wave: Internet of Things (IoT).

10 Nov 2017

2D to 3D, from scratch

Absentia, a Bengaluru-based virtual reality and gaming startup, is the brainchild of three college dropouts

21 Oct 2017

Creating something from nothing

A college dropout trio from Bengaluru set out to create a world in virtual reality and have since come a long way. Here’s their story

19 Oct 2017

Catchers in the rye

YourDost is working to stop student suicides one youngster at a time. This counselling platform is virtually saving lives

14 Sep 2017

The online lifesaver

A n engineering student in a premier institution in the country commits suicide ahead of campus recruitment, in anticipation of failure to secure a job.

07 Sep 2017

All for that confident fit

For entrepreneur Arpita Ganesh, founder of Buttercups, lingerie is more than just a everyday utility product... it’s a pathway for empowering women with a healthy body image.

17 Aug 2017

Automate health-care services

With artificial intelligence taking over Industrial 4.0, a Bengaluru-based startup, RxPrism, has set out to revolutionise the traditional clinic/ hospital space.

23 Jul 2017

AO Smith mulls mega expansion

US-headquartered water heater and purifier manufacturer AO Smith is planning to expand its footprint in the water purifier market in India and the company aims to make its presence in more than 40 cit

11 Jul 2017