Shyam Yadagiri

Give an eggstart to your day

The per capita egg consumption in Telangana stands at 130, when compared to India’s 69.

13 Oct 2018

Banyan Nation: Living sustainably is the only way forward

Anguished by the poor waste management practices in the country, they left lucrative jobs in the US and came back to Hyderabad to improve the situation.

13 Oct 2018

‘I don’t read writing. The writing talks to me’

The first Indian to be awarded an honorary membership in American Association of Handwriting Analysts, graphologist Samita Pandya speaks of her journey, accomplishments, and future plans.

16 Aug 2018

Loveratri is a celebration of our culture: Aayush Sharma

Aayush Sharma, brother-in-law of Salman Khan and the hero of Loveratri, chats about his upcoming romantic film, slated for release on October 5

08 Aug 2018

A story that needs to be told by journalist Kota Neelima

Over the past two decades, Neelima has been working on the issue of farmer suicides, and the causes behind them.

01 Aug 2018

‘Give your best. Leave the rest’

Humility personified, 2017 Civil Services topper, ‘Pride of Telangana’ Anudeep Durishetty speaks of his journey, the difficulties faced, the jubilant period when scores were out and the nervousness of

21 Jul 2018

‘I dream of a plastic-free world’

Hyderabad generates around 4,500  meric tonnes of waste per day, of which over 50 percent comprises plastic bags and bottles. Entrepreneur Sashikanth Kaja believes each one of us has the potential to

26 Jun 2018

Saviour or Frankenstein?

Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide services in numerous civil applications, such as agriculture, weather monitoring,  crime prevention among others.

30 May 2018

Living and dying on my own terms?

Death. Over the centuries, the phenomenon has confounded scientists and philosophers alike. Are we afraid of death or of the pain and suffering it might bring?

22 May 2018

Sound of the unborn

City Firm Pregnitive has brought out a product that helps you listen to the heartbeat of the foetus

01 May 2018

Go anywhere. Do anything

Jeep. The iconic brand has enthralled many over the past seven decades. It was the turn of Hyderabadis to experience a true 4X4 vehicle from the driver's seat.

25 Apr 2018

Green shoots amidst gloom

Nuclear families are on the rise in the city and across the country. One of the major casualties of this is the elderly. In the expanse of time, loneliness might seem their only companion. We explore

12 Apr 2018

How tolerant are you?

Author Deep Trivedi sheds light on the meaning of tolerance and delves at length on the issues concerning our country and the world.

27 Mar 2018

Re-discovering the magic of childhood

Magic shows, fun games, comics and more await the young at heart in this Teaching Tree Carnival event at Mindspace tomorrow.

22 Feb 2018

Martial arts in his genes

City boy Shaik Azam, 8, bags gold, silver and bronze medals at a national-level championship event held in Chhattisgarh recently

15 Feb 2018