Shyam Yadagiri

Clarion call for a citizen-centric, politico-bureaucratic relationship

Reform of the politician as well as the bureaucrat is the need of the hour, so they work in tandem for country’s development, feels author Deepak Gupta

16 Apr 2019

A triad of go-getters

One is the founder of a personal care brand. Another has founded schools that promote stress-free learning, while yet another runs a job portal exclusively for women returnees.

14 Mar 2019

Audi's new showroom in Hyderabad

'Vorsprung durch Technik' meaning 'Advancement through technology' comes to the city renowned German automobile manufacturer Audi opens its new showroom here.

02 Mar 2019

The Times They Are  a-Changin’

It is a pan-Indian phenomenon that impacts every working woman.

21 Feb 2019

‘I believe in breaking stereotypes’

She is a rank newbie in the modelling industry. She was a techie who worked in the corporate sector for nearly a decade.

05 Feb 2019

Aspiring actors must not be desperate: Pushpa Bhaskar

In this era of hyper-discerning audiences, a huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of a film director.

19 Jan 2019

‘A lot of critical work happens here in Hyderabad’

Today, the app-based cab aggregator is an integral part of our lives.

12 Jan 2019

Two vaccines and one hope

In spite of all the resources and support given by the US and other countries over the past three decades, poliovirus still continues to exist, and thrive in various parts of the world.

08 Jan 2019

‘Technology is not the be-all and end-all’

Data breaches are occurring on a regular basis across the world, with Marriott hotel’s database of 500 million guests hacked recently.

08 Jan 2019

A journey into the Arctic wilderness

As of now, extreme sports are usually not taken seriously in our country, and those wishing to take part in them cannot expect any meaningful support from the state.

06 Dec 2018

‘Radical transformation need of the hour’

With the polling date for state assembly elections on December 7, the political atmosphere in the state is reaching a crescendo.

05 Dec 2018

Fast-paced tale of a ‘Very Very Special’ cricketer

Throughout his cricketing career, VVS Laxman, aka ‘Lax’ or ‘Lachi’ to his teammates, says he has been asked to prove himself over and over again to find a place in the national side.

27 Nov 2018

Belting tunes of equality

To a person on the street, 13-year-old Pradyumna may look like any other school-going kid keen on finishing his classes for the day and catching up with extra-curricular activities.

10 Nov 2018

Give an eggstart to your day

The per capita egg consumption in Telangana stands at 130, when compared to India’s 69.

13 Oct 2018

Banyan Nation: Living sustainably is the only way forward

Anguished by the poor waste management practices in the country, they left lucrative jobs in the US and came back to Hyderabad to improve the situation.

13 Oct 2018