Shyam Yadagiri

Move over chatbots, enter UDo

Studies point out the fact that human interaction wins any day over emotionless automated responses. UDo is an app that taps into this precise need

19 Jul 2017

A cross-continent venture about emotions

A team of 20-something youngsters spread across Russia and India join hands to create a one-of-its-kind Bengali short film, which is to be showcased soon

27 Jun 2017

Of being and connecting with a child

Day-2 of the Creative Pedagogy workshop comprised answering questions from audience, group activities, tips on fostering classroom engagement, conflict resolution, and more.

08 Jun 2017

Judging a child causes irreparable harm: Godi Keller

On Day-1 of the Creative Pedagogy workshop, acclaimed storyteller Godi Keller spoke on the importance of trusting and not ‘testing’ in order to ‘know’ kids.

07 Jun 2017

CED: Seamless service towards entrepreneurship

Inaugurated by then President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in 2002 at Kukatpally in Hyderabad, Centre for Entrepreneurship  Development has trained thousands of individuals till date.

18 May 2017

Discover your mojo

Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” This saying fits perfectly on the Land Rover.

27 Apr 2017

The ‘IPL’ for startups

Startup Cricket League connects entrepreneurs, investors and mentors over  networking sessions via the medium of cricket

13 Apr 2017

114 times. 30 years. Mission Blood Donation

Dr Yogesh Raj Srivastava recalls how the day a police inspector saw him studying under a streetlight changed him forever

12 Apr 2017

Have you donatekarted yet?

Do you wish to give but unsure of the way to go forward? Enter Donatekart, an online platform where you can buy products for ‘campaigns’ run by NGOs, which, in turn, utilise the items you donate for t

06 Apr 2017

Merging style and substance

Setting its sights on gen-next, Tata Motors has launched Tigor, its new ‘styleback’ at Taj Krishna in the city on Tuesday.

05 Apr 2017

A true-blue off-roader

Usher in the festive season with the all-new Hexa, a lifestyle vehicle with exceptional off-road and on-road capabilities.

29 Mar 2017

Delectable mix of East-West fare

 Taj Campton Place in San Francisco is one of the few (25, to be precise) restaurants  in North America to have achieved a two-star Michelin rating, and Srijith Gopinathan is the only Indian-American chef to have attained this distinction.

25 Mar 2017

What started with flowers now holds magic and healing

Have you heard of an ‘Insulin plant’, the consumption of whose leaves tends to lower blood glucose levels? As per reports in National Institutes of Health of the US National Library of Medicine, Costu

15 Mar 2017

Romance amidst dognapping and kidney-stealing

It’s not often you see a love story made with a backdrop of dog-napping. Raj Tarun’s latest offering Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is an unconventional love story, which certainly has its moments. While the a

04 Mar 2017

'Kittu Unnadu Jagratha' Review: Romance amidst dognapping and kidney-stealing

All in all, with a decent storyline and funny scenes in between, Kittu Unnadu Jagratha is a one-time watch.

03 Mar 2017