Somrita Ghosh

Nano capsules: Small in size but big on impact 

Team from IIT-Mandi develops complex nano-dimensional capsules

12 hours ago

Federation of Resident Doctors Association called for symbolic strike in Delhi in support of Bengal medicos

Major hospitals under the Delhi government along with North Municipal Corporation-run Bara Hindu Rao hospital saw a protest by doctors who sported bandages on their heads on Saturday. 

16 Jun 2019

Yoga a luxury for middle, lower income groups

The Modi government, through the International Yoga Day celebrations, has been encouraging more people to embrace the fitness routine.

16 Jun 2019

Health services hit at major Delhi hospitals as city doctors extend solidarity to Bengal counterparts 

Patients left stranded as major hospitals shut outpatient departments, operation theatres during day-long protest by doctors against attacks on them

15 Jun 2019

Patients from other states feel harassed in Delhi

It was around 10 am, normally one of the busiest hours, which sees a huge rush of patients at India’s premier medical institution.

15 Jun 2019

Doctors in Delhi to boycott work on Friday over Kolkata hospital violence

There will be a complete shutdown of all outpatient departments (OPDs), routine operation theatre services and ward visits, except emergency services in the hospitals, several medical bodies in Delhi.

14 Jun 2019

Lajpat Nagar market to turn into an open sky mall

With more flower pots, benches, water ATMS and space to walk, Lajpat Nagar market is in the process of turning more pedestrian friendly for shoppers.

13 Jun 2019

Still no tap water in Delhi's Harkesh Nagar

Kejriwal said the pipelines had already been laid and added that they won’t have to depend on tankers any more. But that has not happened.

12 Jun 2019

AIIMS study sheds light on evolution, behavioural traits of peacocks 

Biochemist researchers from AIIMS have decoded a very high resolution of the Peacock (Pavo cristatus) to understand the characteristics of the bird. 

11 Jun 2019

Doctors advise caution as mercury in Delhi touches record high on Monday

As mercury touches a scary 48°C, health experts ask residents to take plenty of fluids and avoid stepping out in the sun

11 Jun 2019

Many keventers, but where is the old taste?

Quality a big issue as many customers feel that local cafes can rival what was once a signature milkshake of the iconic brand

08 Jun 2019

Traders oppose vehicle ban in Delhi's Connaught Place inner circle

As NDMC prepares to make the inner circle of Connaught Place vehicle-free on a trial basis for a few days, shoppers have mixed feelings about the planned move

07 Jun 2019

 Unauthorised parking bane of Delhi's Kamla Nagar

Besides the apparel shops that encroach on the pavements, the Indian and Chinese street food stands cover the space meant for visitors and buyers to walk.

06 Jun 2019

Sadar Bazaar: Wholesale hub not fit for walking

At Sadar Bazaar, people and vehicles jostle for space on narrow roads in this part of old Delhi. Encroachment, parked vehicles leave visitors with no option but to walk on teeming roads

05 Jun 2019

Delhi's Lajpat Nagar market commuters struggle for space as vehicles are parked randomly on the road

Vehicles parked haphazardly on the roads bordering the Lajpat Nagar main market and vendors encroaching road space not only impede the movement of commuters but also hurt businesses

04 Jun 2019