Sooraj Rajmohan

10,000 people, four cities, one cause

Forum Vijaya Mall organised ‘Purple Run’ in the city, an awareness marathon on Alzheimer’s at Olcott Memorial School.

25 Sep 2017

For the love of south-east Asian

After retirement, Janti Dugal, food director, Mamagoto, wants to experiment with French cooking

24 Aug 2017

Happiness is not elusive anymore 

With depression and anxiety affecting more people, it is not easy to view life through rose-tinted glasses anymore.

24 Aug 2017

A squad from Bombay of the ‘bloody 90s’

Sometimes we come across real life stories that are more captivating than fiction. These are stories that make us believe in destiny.

23 Aug 2017

To him, work is a sport

It was a tough time to fall in love with the flat fronted willow-wood blade but Partab Ramchand always had one mantra in his mind: follow your dreams.

22 Aug 2017

Spirituality : A bubble of wisdom and peace

From a five-year old who recited Sanskrit and Tamil slokas, Dushyanth Sridhar has grown into a modern day messenger of peace and love who has delivered over 2,500 live discourses across 12 countries i

17 Aug 2017

‘Will take god to outer space and show earth’

Abhinav Sunder Nayak is a feature film editor who mainly works in Malayalam and Tamil movies.

16 Aug 2017

Expressions through fine grains of sand

It is said that dreams are made of sand and sun. Sarvam Patel is one such dreamer whose skill with sand is evident in the way he turned it to art.

15 Aug 2017

A prescription to laugh out loud

A person who can fill a room with laughter is indeed blessed, said Bennet Cerf in the last century.

12 Aug 2017

Disabilty no concern, as kids at MITHRA all set to catwalk

Mithra means friend and as the name suggests, this NGO lends a helping hand to those who are physically and mentally challenged.

12 Aug 2017

Poetry to ignite thoughts, reimagine world

WH Auden once said: ‘A poet is, before anything else, a person who is passionately in love with language’.

10 Aug 2017

An ad man’s guide to live and let live

From chawls of Mumbai comes a wordsmith with an unusual sense of creativity.

09 Aug 2017