One day to World Cup: Smallest margin of victory

The smallest margin of victory in a World Cup is one run. It happened twice and on both times, India were at the receiving end.

29 May 2019

Five days to World Cup: Five-star Australia reign supreme

Although they won just one of the first six World Cups, they have since turned into an unstoppable force, winning four of the last five.

27 May 2019

Three days to World Cup: When home advantage matters

While there are benefits, hosting a World Cup comes with its own share of pressure as well.

27 May 2019

Four days to World Cup: Tied in knots

The most memorable tied game in the history of the World Cup happened to be the first one in the tournament's history.

26 May 2019

Seven days to World Cup: Zimbabwe's unwanted world record

Another forgettable World Cup memory was etched in the hearts of all Zimbabwe supporters in 1992.

23 May 2019

Eight days to World Cup: Bedi creates history against East Africa

In an otherwise forgettable World Cup for India, the left-arm spinner provided the sole bright spark.

22 May 2019

WATCH | Nine days to World Cup: Hat-trick heroes

Since 1999, every World Cup has seen at least one hat-trick. Will we see one again this time around? 

21 May 2019

10 days to World Cup: Steve Waugh's sensational world record

The former Australian captain featured in 33 games across four World Cups, of which he won his first and the last.

20 May 2019

11 days to World Cup: East Africa's horror show in 1975

East Africa managed to make their mark in every World Cup game they played but not in the way they would have wanted to.

19 May 2019

14 days to World Cup: Unlikely heroes emerge to save England

It was a crucial game on a track tailor-made for swing bowlers. In the end, it was decided by one few saw coming.

16 May 2019

17 days to World Cup: When Viv won it for Windies in 1975

It was supposed to be the battle between West Indies' star-studded batting line-up and Australia's brilliant bowling attack.

13 May 2019

19 days to World Cup: When rain wrecked South Africa's dreams in 1992

Rain, new rules and the organisers turned South Africa's World Cup dreams into a nightmare.

11 May 2019

21 days to World Cup: Sachin Tendulkar's incredible record

One of the reasons why this record is unlikely to be broken anytime soon is the incredible consistency that is required.

09 May 2019

25 days to World Cup: Vaas' Valentine's day magic 

It was a spell that would have been difficult to replicate in a videogame on beginner mode.

05 May 2019

26 days to World Cup: Glenn McGrath signs off with another world record

McGrath and records are one and the same when it comes to the biggest stage of them all.

04 May 2019