Srividhya S

My dog always sleeps under the work or dining table

My dog always likes to sleep under the work table or dining table or coffee table. He has a very comfortable bed that I have provided, yet he prefers these spots.

14 Nov 2018

Do I need to be more careful with my pet while I am pregnant?

I have a three-year-old St Bernard.

31 Oct 2018

How can i feed medicines to my pet?

My dog has thyroid issues, but refuses to take medicines.

24 Oct 2018

My dog barks everytime he sees another dog walk by

I have an 8-year-old Labrador.

17 Oct 2018

Ask an expert: Teaching your dog to stay back in your absence

I have a two-year-old Labrador who keeps thinking I’m abandoning him.

03 Oct 2018

How can i prep my pet for the long travel in flights

Very young puppies, old and sick dogs and certain short nosed breeds are not good candidates for travel. Make sure your dog is medically fit to fly.

26 Sep 2018

Making the crate a happy, safe space for your dog

Crate training a dog is not cruel confinement, as is often misconstrued.

19 Sep 2018

Help! My dog fears my New Born baby

There is a lot of critical information that is missing in your question here.

12 Sep 2018

What should i keep in mind while taking a stray dog to vet?

I take care of a stray dog who lives in my building.

05 Sep 2018

My cat’s Aggression disturbs my dog

Yes. Contrary to popular legends, sometimes, dogs are the victims in the dog-cat confrontations. Cats are known to act aggressive and even chase dogs if they want to. 

29 Aug 2018

My dog doesn’t let me speak over the phone

Whenever I answer my phone, my four-year-old Labrador starts barking. He refuses to stop until I hang up and play with him. What can I do?

22 Aug 2018

Is my dog tired?

Hi, Yes, dogs yawn too. In fact, yawning in dogs looks almost just like how we yawn — wide open jaw along with deep breaths. Yawning is a form of body language that dogs use to communicate with one another. Dogs do yawn when they feel tired just as we do, but it  does not always necessarily mean

08 Aug 2018

My dog hates being given a bath

If your dog is strictly an anti-bath pooch, getting him into the bathroom and cleaning him up can turn into a nightmare. 

01 Aug 2018

My cat sucks on a blanket

I have a year-old cat. He sucks on any furry blanket that he finds, thinking it is his mother. Do you think this will stop on its own after a while? If not, how do I help?
- Sonia Gupta

25 Jul 2018

'My pet pulls me when I take him for walk'

The innate inquisitiveness in a pup inspires him to wander aimlessly with his nose stuck to the ground, pulling you along in the process.

18 Jul 2018