Srividya Palaparthi

Bridging two worlds

As the number of youngsters whose dreams to make it to the big screen grow, some are making the most of whatever they have got to reach that dream.

17 Nov 2018

Experience horror in virtual reality

In town to spread the word about the country’s first virtual reality (VR) short film, Cracke, Eddie Avil spoke to City Express about the first-of-its-kind horror short film.

14 Nov 2018

Two worlds, one voice

Manisha Eerabathini glides across the beautiful location in her new music video in which she sings the cover of Sada Nannu from Mahanati.

07 Nov 2018

Not your regular teenager

Crowned Miss Hyderabad, 19-year-old Gauri Priya is obviously elated.

06 Nov 2018

Renting to convenience: Geetansh Bamania on his start up 'Rentomojo'

 Geetansh Bamania was already moving cities more often than he liked by the time he started his career. Shifting cities already was a challenge in terms of finding a home and figuring out the commutes

01 Nov 2018

Renting for convenience

Geetansh Bamania was moving cities more often than he liked by the time he started his career.

01 Nov 2018

Work is never about the language: Naveen Polishetty

Debuting as a lead with Agent Sai Srinivas Atreya, Naveen Polishetty is evidently excited. 

25 Oct 2018

Two-wheeler Trouble 

Yes, harassment in public spaces is commonplace no matter what mode of transport but women on scooties are easy targets.

24 Oct 2018

 Good cinema doesn’t have boundaries

All those who have worked with her know her as a tough task master and she wears that as a crown.

17 Oct 2018

This Dussehra Try Vrat Thali

Fret not! Khandani Rajdhani has come up with a special meal for those observing fast during the festive days, Vrat Thali.

17 Oct 2018

Finding success through hardships

Although his real name is Ravikrishna Vissapragada, almost nobody knows him with that name.

16 Oct 2018

Want a home? Zolostays is the place for you

Dr Nikhil Sikri wanted to make a difference in people’s life and the realisation came after a failed attempt at a first start-up in the education sector.

04 Oct 2018

Revisiting the classics

The evening ended with a standing ovation leaving the guests with a content smile.

25 Sep 2018

A gastronomical road trip

No matter how much one enjoys fine dining or gourmet meals, every foodie always swears by street food for a quick fix of the hunger pangs.

22 Sep 2018

We are all responsible for the intolerance against inter-caste marriages

As the justice system does its job and Amrutha Varshini leads the fight for justice, the need of the hour for every individual understand how we have been dragged into the cobweb of castes.

20 Sep 2018