Srividya Palaparthi

We are all responsible for the intolerance against inter-caste marriages

As the justice system does its job and Amrutha Varshini leads the fight for justice, the need of the hour for every individual understand how we have been dragged into the cobweb of castes.

1 hour ago

I didn’t choose Manto, Manto chose me: Nandita Das

Nandita gets candid about her Manto journey, and shares what went into the making of this film.

15 Sep 2018

One man, many voices

For someone who has no idea that this is where he would end up, five years ago, Surya Narayana more popularly known as Red FM RJ Surya, is doing quite well for himself.

13 Sep 2018

Decoding Samantha’s style

Elaborate yet chic jewellery, mostly earrings to go with the outfit, really wrap up her looks perfectly.

11 Sep 2018

Finding beauty in chaos

Kashmir: a place of breathtaking beauty intertwined with the echoes of tragedy. A certain melancholy hangs in the air perhaps.

11 Sep 2018

Treatment at your convenience

Ruchi Gupta had a medical emergency with her own family member where she couldn’t find space in any hospital to admit or diagnose her sister.

06 Sep 2018

3Hcare: Online portal brings treatment at your convenience

The online portal provides information and schedules tests at a desired lab and location of your choice

06 Sep 2018

Of Unspoken Words and Worlds

It’s always enthralling to take a peak into the forbidden worlds.

04 Sep 2018

Let there be pleasure

Dr Seema has an interesting line of study ­– a London-based mythologist, narrative practitioner and an acknowledged authority on ‘Kamasutra’.

04 Sep 2018

Getting travel-ready

Anchors and actors, Sreemukhi, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna and Vishnupriya are visibly excited at what they recieved from Pantaloons for them to flaunt at their trip to SIIMA Dubai.

04 Sep 2018

Authenticity is magic: Santosh Shobhan

Making a comeback three years after his debut with Paper Boy is actor Santosh Shobhan. Cinema Express  finds out what he was up to so far

30 Aug 2018

A silent scream against abuse of women

Roll Rida’s Arupu, a socially-relevant rap song along with the vocals of Manisha Eerabathini, is the latest online sensation. 

29 Aug 2018

Hrithik Roshan launches fitness and wellness brand, Cult Fit in Hyderabad

Known for the fit body that he flaunts it doesn’t come as a surprise that Hrithik put his interest into a fitness brand.

28 Aug 2018

Escape the reality

Imagine you and your friends are locked up and the only way out is to find a `500 crore worth of a treasure in just one hour through clues hidden in the place you’re stuck in.

25 Aug 2018

Music to movies to music

Filmmaking and music, both are strenuous fields to pursue. Kalyan Vasanth, who recently caught
attention with his Carnatic rendition of a Tollywood hit is doing just that.

22 Aug 2018