Steni Simon

Weaving a survival story

The havoc wrought by the floods on the weavers of Chendamangalam is the theme of a 20-minute documentary film, Rhythm of a Village, directed by Arun M, a budding filmmaker.

25 Jun 2019

Cross the road at your risk

Many traffic signals across the city offer just 10 to 15 seconds for pedestrians to cross the road, thereby leading to accidents.

25 Jun 2019

His carbon friend

Having started with pencil portraits, Sourav used to employ charcoal for the detailing.

24 Jun 2019

An ode to a Dalit icon

Prasobh said that shooting the documentary let him travel through the life of Poikayil Appachan.

24 Jun 2019

MVD to automate traffic system 

As part of the Safe Kerala Project, the Motor Vehicle Department will provide lux meters to squads

21 Jun 2019

Cruel waves devour major part of Shangumugham beach

With waves devouring most part of the beach, it was decided that the Irrigation Department will implement a project to erect a protective wall to prevent further damage of the beach.

19 Jun 2019

Checkmate! Narayanan all set to battle it out in Russia

Narayanan S L has secured the fourth place in the Asian Continental Chess Championship which was held recently in China. 

19 Jun 2019

A tribute to the survivors

When cyclone Ockhi hit the shores of Kerala and Tamil Nadu two years ago, it claimed more than 400 lives.

17 Jun 2019

Countering powerful mishaps linemen get safety tips

With heavy rains lashing the city and KSEB employees on the move to repair electric wires, the department is set to ensure employees follow safety rules

13 Jun 2019

A sci-fi with a mix of Indianness

Isaac Mathew, a techie’s book titled ‘Event Horizon: A Scientific and Fictional Account of Rapture’ is a hard science fiction novel with elements of mystery, young adult romance and poetry. 

12 Jun 2019

Kerala monsoon electrocution: The story of two avoidable deaths

Two people were electrocuted in the capital on Monday. With the onset of monsoon, precautionary measures must be taken.

11 Jun 2019

Drugs department ‘PROUD’

Collection boxes installed in the city for unused or expired drugs have met with good response

08 Jun 2019

Sivamani loves to send green message through his seed pens

This not only helps in addressing the issue of plastic menace, but the seeds will also grow into trees.

07 Jun 2019

Now, MissingKart will help you recover lost valuables

MissingKart, a startup by a group of youngsters, which helps recover lost belongings, has collaborated with the Railway Protection Force (RPF)

05 Jun 2019

A project to ensure safety in Thiruvananthapuram

Reckless driving and speeding have been highlighted as reasons for increase in accidents. As part of the Safe Kerala Project, enforcement squads will review an accident spot and identify the reason be

01 Jun 2019