Sudha Umashanker

Watch your thoughts all through the night 

Vaikunta Ekadashi, which recently went by, always reminds me of my grandmothers. It was the day on which the female energy that emerged from Lord Vishnu slayed a demon.

02 Jan 2019

In Tree vs. Building, death of a loved one

It was a tree that grew along with our family.

09 Oct 2018

Our egg-seller who taught biz lessons

Every now and then especially around International Women’s Day and other such calendar events there is some institution that celebrates outstanding women entrepreneurs.

22 May 2018

My secret ingredient for every problem

Quite often, everyday maintenance issues can be solved with the simplest of solutions.

31 Mar 2018

Dealing with the lure of books

If there is one thing that makes people like me go weak-kneed, it is not the sight of clothes on mannequins or jewellery, but books—with their attractive covers beckoning, calling out, grabbing eyebal

19 Mar 2018

Debut dream comes true

Every once in a while comes a film that grips you, makes you sit up and wraps itself around you. The Tamil film, Aruvi (waterfall), is one such.

10 Feb 2018

Our sharp, friendly neighbourhood boss

His nickname was Mottai Boss (bald boss) a moniker given to him, thanks to his shiny bald pate, by a young girl who used to work with his wife.

30 Jan 2018

Visionary for women

A Delhi-based business leader trains senior women executives for leadership positions

19 Aug 2017

A touch of reality to reel

Where Joker also scores is in the casting. The actors look their parts and come up with performances that bring the characters to life. 

01 Oct 2016