Sudha Umashanker

Man who wrote the biography of Madras

He knew every student by name long after they had passed out and would take a keen interest in their growth. 

24 Apr 2019

Watch your thoughts all through the night 

Vaikunta Ekadashi, which recently went by, always reminds me of my grandmothers. It was the day on which the female energy that emerged from Lord Vishnu slayed a demon.

02 Jan 2019

In Tree vs. Building, death of a loved one

It was a tree that grew along with our family.

09 Oct 2018

Visionary for women

A Delhi-based business leader trains senior women executives for leadership positions

19 Aug 2017

A touch of reality to reel

Where Joker also scores is in the casting. The actors look their parts and come up with performances that bring the characters to life. 

01 Oct 2016