Sudhir Srinivasan

'Savarakathi' movie review: What if Mysskin wrote Tom and Jerry?

Again, while our films aren’t new to defecation jokes, Savarakathi stands out for its no-nonsense approach to these situations.

10 Feb 2018

'Kalakalappu 2' movie review: A bloated comedy that gets funnier as it goes

You’ll become aware that you’ve stopped worrying about how sizeist or sexist the jokes are, mainly on account of how dedicatedly director Sundar C concocts the most preposterous of situations.

10 Feb 2018

The man who made Padman

R Balki discusses his upcoming Akshay Kumar-starrer that’s based on the life of entrepreneur and innovator, Arunachalam Muruganantham. The film is the director’s first biopic

08 Feb 2018

'Padaiveeran' movie review: A surprisingly gripping rural drama

Muneeswaran (Vijay Yesudas) could well have been Paruthiveeran, given his predilection for being unproductive.

04 Feb 2018

'Oru Nalla Naal Paathu Solren' movie review: A mirthless, bizarre attempt at a comedy

The film supposed to be a rollicking comedy with its eccentric material lending itself to odd situations, but the writing just doesn’t manage to create humour.

03 Feb 2018

After Maa, I’m now motivated to make a short film myself: GVM

The director-turned-producer and Maa’s director Sarjun analyse their second collaboration, and among other things, talk about the short film’s rousing reception in this elaborate interview

31 Jan 2018

'Maa' Review: An extraordinarily sensitive foray into the life of a middle-class family

Sarjun’s short film, Maa, reminds you that great stories are around us.

29 Jan 2018

'Bhaagamathie' review: A clever end urges you to forget insipid beginnings

I’d have been tempted to call Bhaagamathie clichéd, dull, and utterly uninspired, if it weren’t for its clever end portions, which jolt you from deep slumber.

27 Jan 2018

'Nimir' review: Udhayanidhi Stalin emerges unscathed, the film not so much

With each film, Udhayanidhi Stalin is making himself more and more qualified to provide advice to actors on how to pick scripts to suit their strengths.

27 Jan 2018

A tepid end portion puts paid to a fairly intriguing thriller

You think Liam Neeson, you think Taken. Well, at least I do.

20 Jan 2018

'Gulaebaghavali' review: Flat humour, unexciting adventure

It’s a film that should be an exciting adventure, a funny comedy, a quirky romance. Instead, it’s a dull journey, an unfunny comedy, and a disturbing romance, at best.

13 Jan 2018

Gorakhpur Lok Sabha bypolls: Samajwadi Party rakes up EVM issue

Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav today once again raked up the issue of use of EVMs in elections, raising questions on "maintenance and calibration"

13 Jan 2018

'Thaanaa Serndha Koottam' review: A fairly entertaining Robinhood story, NOT a gripping heist

If you’ve watched and loved Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26, bear this warning in mind: Gang is NOT a heist film.

13 Jan 2018

Insidious 4 Review: The last sequel, hopefully?

The Last Key begins like one of those mutant origins story in the X-Men franchise.

06 Jan 2018

Eight Tamil reels that reigned 2017

In a never-seen-before initiative, some of the directors behind this year’s best films joined us for a freewheeling chat.

30 Dec 2017