Sudhir Srinivasan

Cracking the Kolaveri code

It’s hard to wrap your head around big numbers.

20 Nov 2017

'En Aaloda Seruppa Kaanom' review: The most bizarre romance of this year

The film is actually about a man who scours the city for a girl’s sandals.

18 Nov 2017

'Theeran Adhigaram Ondru' review: An overlong but solid cop film, despite flaws

Part of the love you feel for the film is watered down by the inability to wrap up things efficiently.

18 Nov 2017

'Gruham' review: Lo and behold, a well-made horror film

The film explores the science-religion conflict a bit, even if not to Emily Rose standards.

18 Nov 2017

Aramm: A powerful film that doesn’t flinch from asking tough questions

It’s commonplace for Tamil films that are scathing of the government to also shoot a round or two at the media. But Gopi Nainar doesn’t bite.

11 Nov 2017

Nenjil Thunivirundhal review: An uninspired thriller

Some of the twists are interesting, but they’re not nearly good enough to get you gaping in shock.

10 Nov 2017

Talking Movies: Whistles, not wolf whistles, for 'Female Superstar' Nayanthara

With Nayanthara's Aramm releasing, Sudhir Srinivasan take a look at why the sobriquet of 'Female Superstar' fits well for the actor.

10 Nov 2017

The Kevin Spacey predicament: Should we enjoy the works of those accused of sexual harassment?

A curious dilemma has resurfaced following the rising number of celebrities who have been accused of sexual assault.

06 Nov 2017

Aval: A well-made Tamil horror film

Only the Lord bears knowledge of how many horror films we have made over the last decade.

04 Nov 2017

Kalathur Gramam: A surprisingly efficient rural drama

I was pleasantly surprised by Kalathur Gramam, by many of its painstakingly created efficient aspects. The sub-plots come together really well.

29 Oct 2017

The X man

Darbuka Siva, the composer of Enai Noki Paayum Thota, says that the popularity of the 
Mr X campaign means it has actually backfired

24 Oct 2017

How to write a film in 2017

The times have changed. Indian filmmakers of 2017 might have to hire an Offence Detective, someone to ascertain if your material has the potential to offend the important and the powerful.

23 Oct 2017

The pointlessness of cast and crew’s Q&A with audience after film screening

There are many perks to catching films at a festival. As previously stated in this space, you get to experience uncensored content.

19 Oct 2017

As they laugh with gay abandon, we meet long lost ‘friends’

This week-long column is a contemplation of the films watched by the writer on each day of the ongoing 19th Mumbai Film Festival

17 Oct 2017