Sudhir Srinivasan

'Glass' movie review:  An underwhelming union that lacks the emotional strength of its parent films

A film burdened by its own self-awareness, Glass gives you little of the emotive resonance of 'Unbreakable'

19 Jan 2019

The Vijay Sethupathi interview | 'Directors should not put up with mediocre acting just because I'm a star'

The actor talks about films like Seethakaathi and Super Deluxe, as he revisits the formative stages of his career.

16 Jan 2019

My objective was to make pucca Thalaivar film: Karthik Subbaraj on Rajini-starrer 'Petta'

A few days since the release of Petta, it’s clear from the audience’s response that Karthik Subbaraj has succeeded in what he set out to achieve.

15 Jan 2019

The actor beneath the Superstar: Looking back at Rajinikanth's best

It’s rather curious how Rajinikanth’s excellence as a performer gets so little commentary

14 Jan 2019

'Petta' review: A reasonably charming tribute film with some unforgettable flourishes

Despite a solid 171 minutes of running time, there’s hardly any time in which to round off the edges of the very many characters populating this film.

12 Jan 2019

'The Mule' movie review: A terrific Clint Eastwood shines in this moving drama 

I admired that The Mule extends its humanisation to the cartel workers, without ever stepping into the zone of romanticisation.

11 Jan 2019

A new dawn for Tamil Cinema: In conversation with directors Mari Selvaraj, Prem Kumar, Lenin Bharathi, PS Mithran and Elan

In this year-ender roundtable conversation, we bring together five directors who made impactful debuts this year: Mari Selvaraj, Prem Kumar, Lenin Bharathi, PS Mithran and Elan.

01 Jan 2019

'Maari 2' film review: Sai Pallavi and some spirited dialogue-writing try to keep this sequel afloat

For all of Sai Pallavi’s charms, let it also not be forgotten that her character’s reasons for circling Maari aren’t exactly novel.

21 Dec 2018

Rajiv Menon and AR Rahman: A rewarding partnership

Rajiv Menon and AR Rahman returned again to recreate magic three years later in Kandukondain Kandukondain.

17 Dec 2018

'Evanukku Engeyo Matcham Irukku' movie review: An offensive, disastrous attempt at an adult comedy

Look, the film is titled Evanukku Engeyo Matcham Irukku and it’s A-certified. So the implied location of the ‘matcham’ isn’t exactly a secret.

08 Dec 2018

We are feeling increasingly alienated in our world: 'Mowgli' director Andy Serkis

Days ahead of the premiere of Andy Serkis’ Mowgli on Netflix, we caught up with its director, an award-winning expert in the art of performance capture.

05 Dec 2018

2.0: Technical wizardry looks to mask a disappointingly uninspired film

There’s a disclaimer right at the beginning that says the film is inspired by newspaper articles about mobile phone towers being the cause for the disappearance of birds.

30 Nov 2018

'Vandi' movie review: A wholly trying, partly offensive film that isn’t redeemed by its hyperlink narrative

It requires great skill to write dialogue that feels at once both real and purposeful. Vandi’s dialogues, however, seem placed for no reason except to conspire to achieve its runtime of 150 minutes.

24 Nov 2018

Television is taking the risks cinema isn’t: Diego Luna

'Newer voices are emerging here, and the medium is helping them reach audiences cinema isn’t able to get to. As for storytelling, it’s giving us an opportunity to tell a story in, say, ten hours.'​

21 Nov 2018

'Kaatrin Mozhi' review: A risk-free, saccharine remake

Oh, how we love our overstatements! A shot of a heroine walking in contentment must always be punctuated by a loud track that overemphasises heroism.

17 Nov 2018