Suman Prasad

Visually-challenged moms compete in cooking contest

Five visually-challenged mothers from the city will be participating in the third season of the cooking competition Zayka ka Tadka.

20 Sep 2018

All the single diners please stand up

The concept of single diners has slowly started to gain steam in India, especially in metro cities.

15 Sep 2018

Drunching and brunching are trending today in Bengaluru

Food in Bengaluru has evolved  today because of the advancement in technology, major influence from western trends, global food shows and the acceptance among the diners for global cuisines.

08 Sep 2018

Revisiting the last dinner at Titanic

Italian staples served at this festival are made in-house and are a must for those who like to experiment some classic flavours and ingredients

25 Aug 2018

Celebrity chef Javed Ahmad to open restaurant in city

Maziga will also offer classic Singapore Sling with gin and cherry brandy.

18 Aug 2018

‘Role reversal’ trends in food industry

New attempt to break traditional approach to cooking; chefs use unusual ingredients to create their signature dishes

06 Aug 2018

Pride of Bengal inspired by boatmen in Bengaluru

Although hilsa or ilish has remained the pride of Bengal, it is now being celebrated and cherished all around the country. 

21 Jul 2018

When food meets technology

As technology has successfully managed to put its hand into every aspect of our lives, here’s a look at its impact on food

11 Jul 2018

Bengaluru: Superfoods on the menu

As more people are opting to eat healthy, top chefs in the city experiment with cooking with superfoods such as millets, avocado and quinoa.

30 Jun 2018

Travellers, camp here.  There are tents!

This travel-themed restaurant, opened by 24-year-old Jinal Chande, has great dishes from across the world

24 Mar 2018

‘Look East’ for friends, and zippy, bold food

ITC Windsor’s The Raj Pavilion is hosting a fest, which will feature flavourful dishes from ASEAN region. We bring to you what they got fabulously right

20 Jan 2018

What will you be served in 2018?

Top chefs say you can expect more of lesser-known street food, local ingredients, experiments with Gin and Tonic and unusual flavours in desserts

13 Jan 2018

Top 10 #desserts on Instagram

Whoever said looks doesn’t matter, should see these beautiful eye-popping desserts.

23 Dec 2017

Try instagrammable, bowls of bliss

It doesn’t happen very often that you are bowled over by back to back lip-smacking food at a restaurant.

25 Nov 2017

MasterChef Australia says Indian food is adventurous

Many of us might remember the finale of MasterChef Australia 2015 when Billie McKay took on Heston Blumenthal’s 55-step, 17-element extravaganza, the Botrytis Cinerea dessert that won her the title.

18 Nov 2017