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Students, parents protest Centre's bid to rejig NEET syllabus less than 100 days before exam

A senior official in the HRD ministry, however, said that one possible option to avoid introducing major changes in NEET syllabus is possible by basing it only on the common portion of all curricula.

1 hour ago

Arvind Subramanian's course on India's economy a major draw on HRD ministry's web learning portal

Sources said that 5,061 people have enrolled for the chief economic advisor's course so far on the website Swayam, India’s massive open online course portal.

18 Jan 2018

Relax, NEET to factor in State board syllabi too

Till last year, NEET exam papers were based on the Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus, which left State board students at a great disadvantage.

18 Jan 2018

Annual Status of Education Report exposes chinks in quality of education in rural India

Nearly one fourth of rural India’s youngsters aged 14-18 cannot read their own language fluently, while 36 per cent do not what is the name of country’s capital, the survey revealed.

16 Jan 2018

Family health survey revives debate on marital rape as crime

The data on domestic violence in the National Family Health Survey 4 for 2015-16 show that 5.4 per cent of the surveyed women, aged 15-49 years, were forced to have sex against their will.

14 Jan 2018

Female foeticide: British journal hints India has a long way to go

Since 1991, 80 per cent of districts in India have recorded a declining sex ratio, with most severe rates seen in Punjab.

14 Jan 2018

Government data on marital rapes rekindles demands its criminalisation

In the National Family Health Survey 4—for the year 2015-16,  5.4 per cent of women, aged 15-49 years said that they were forced to have sex against their will by their husbands at some point.

13 Jan 2018

Coming soon: Hygiene ratings for restaurants in India

India's top food safety regulator has launched a food hygiene rating for restaurants across the country, taking a cue from countries like United Kingdom and Australia.

11 Jan 2018

Hospitals, labs seek review of Supreme Court order allowing only postgraduates in pathology sign medical test reports

Till recently, medical lab reports were reviewed and signed by MD degree holders in pathology, microbiology and biochemistry and M.Sc or Ph.D. holders in microbiology and biochemistry.

10 Jan 2018

PhD students can teach those at undergraduate level, suggests parliamentary panel 

The suggestions have been given on the grounds that the Union ministry of HRD is struggling to fill about 35 per cent faculty vacancies in these institutes.

10 Jan 2018

Hospitals and diagnostic labs demand review of the SC order that only postgraduate pathologists can sign test reports

Till recently the medical laboratory reports were reviewed and signed by MD Pathology, MD Microbiology, MD Biochemistry, M. Sc or Ph. D in Microbiology and Bio-Chemistry.

09 Jan 2018

Parliamentary panels suggests incentives to attract world-class coaches for India's first central sports university

The University, planned at about Rs 524 crore, will also have outlying campuses in Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala and some other southern states.

08 Jan 2018

Decline in foreign students seeking visas, ministry plans campaign

The number of foreign students who sought visa to study in Indian universities saw a decline in 2017 compared to 2016, prompting the authorities in the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development to

07 Jan 2018

74.8 per cent of eligible population still outside colleges, shows government survey

Although India aims to attain a GER of 30 per cent by 2020 it looks like a distant dream and is much behind nations like China, which, currently, boasts an enrolment ratio of 43.39 per cent.

05 Jan 2018

With IIM Act in place, top business schools set to begin consultations to ensure greater uniformity

The IIM directors, currently do meet together occasionally to discuss issues of common interests and learn best practices from each other but are not part of a single official platform.

03 Jan 2018