Sunita Raghu

My cousin realises his showbiz dream

Some post production work got him to Chennai and he stopped by our place.

30 Oct 2018

The reel crusader

Right from the time he started to act in bit roles to the hit movies he has directed so far, Shetty has been making quiet strides in Kannada cinema.

21 Oct 2018


Eighty-two-year-old fisherman Aliyabba had probably never thought that the house he had built along the coast in Mukkachery, near Ullal in Mangaluru, would one day be eaten by the sea.

08 Sep 2018

The drama around my dad’s surgery

Hospitals are not places that one likes to visit, however hospitable they may appear to be. But this time, I saw no way to avoid one, what with my dad needing surgery.

25 Aug 2018

How to make friends with nature

Wildlife cartoonist Rohan Chakravarty reveals what makes his comic book a tad different from the others

26 Jul 2018

Keeping the thrill on: Arjun Sarja on his film career

Arjun Sarja seems relaxed having spent the entire morning shooting for his upcoming Tamil film, Kolaikaran in which he plays a very important character with actor Vijay Antony in the lead.

15 Jul 2018

Friends of the feline

Pune-based ecologist Vidya Athreya is mentoring people to foster a peaceful coexistence between the man
and the bigcat

23 Jun 2018

'I know it's my father's story'

To Ranjith pointing out that the film is set in present-day Dharavi, Vijaylakshmi maintains that no story of Dharavi can be complete without a mention of her father.

16 Jun 2018

When a passenger was kicked out of a bus

Amid a heavy downpour, the bus was progressing steadily towards Mysuru, while the passengers settled down for the one-hour ride.

07 Jun 2018

The great Net fix

Digital video streaming has changed TV viewing. Binge-watching makes people stay up late affecting lifestyle, work efficiency and health.

21 May 2018

The right man for a rainy day

Chennai-based Pradeep John’s accurate weather predictions have made him a popular figure in the state with over 5.5 lakh followers.

01 Apr 2018

I played a multi-layered character, says actor Aishwarya Arjun

Aishwarya is on cloud nine after the successful release of her Kannada debut Prema Baraha.

24 Mar 2018

New Space Raiders

Indian entrepreneurs go beyond  unexplored horizons and invest in a  future that promises to open up the 
galaxy and give us a chance at a  new life in the space  By Sunita Raghu

17 Feb 2018

Leap to life

A purple frog species discovered in the Western Ghats intrigues scientists who now help it grow

09 Dec 2017

Watercolour wonders

A Pune artist paints naturals and abstracts to convey realism.

08 Oct 2017