Suraksha P

Thambis train hard, and how

After 19 weeks of basic military training, combat troops move to an advanced military training for 22 weeks at Ulsoor Lake; the rigorous schedule involves seven sessions of 45 minutes each every day.

18 Jan 2018

Bangalore Torpedo: Mine that defeated Nazis, and a malt

Designed by Captain McClintock of the Madras Sappers in 1916, Bangalore Torpedo — the explosive charge placed in a series of connected tubes — helped clear barbed wire and booby traps.

18 Jan 2018

Museum in Ulsoor bears witness to two centuries of Army history

The museum is open to the public only upon producing photo identity proofs.The museum has meticulously documented everyone related to the infantry .

18 Jan 2018

City hospital gets AI-enabled tech to detect eye diseases

With treatable diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, one of the leading causes of blindness in Indian patients going undetected, Bengaluru-based Sankara Eye Foundation is helping in developing Nethra.AI

15 Jan 2018

When the solution itself faces a problem

The state’s Nutrition Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs), which are health facilities where children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) are admitted and managed, are seeing a reduced number of admissions

15 Jan 2018

Non-iodised salt still sold in many districts in Karnataka

Karnataka continues to report iodine deficiency disorders like goitre. In 2017, from January to November, 145 cases were reported.

14 Jan 2018

Officials to continue tracking H5N8 virus

The animal husbandry department will continue to track samples of birds from the surveillance zone around the farm where the bird came from.

13 Jan 2018

Bird flu gives a scare, doctors say all is safe

Only people working with infected birds and handling a large amount of carcasses without protection are at risk.

13 Jan 2018

State to operate 150 clinics in far-flung areas

The state government is setting up 150 extension clinics in rural, inaccessible, far flung areas of the state that is estimated to cost `14.45 crore per year for operationally.

10 Jan 2018

Genetic Radiation Therapy to cause lesser side effects in Cancer patients

GENOMIC Radiation Therapy determines the appropriate radiation dose for a cancer patient, pertaining to the patient’s genomic profile.

09 Jan 2018

Goitre cases still persist as non-iodised salt sold in many districts

With at least 85per cent of salt samples from various districts of the state found to have iodine levels less than the stipulated limit, Karnataka continues to report iodine deficiency disorders.

08 Jan 2018

Bird flu in country chicken shocking: Officials

The disease has affected a country chicken that was found in a private poultry shop.

04 Jan 2018

Karnataka High Court issues landmark verdict to opens gates for treating Pompe disease

High Court tells Institute of Child Health to treat a patient of Pompe disease, irrespective of age

04 Jan 2018

Bengaluru: E coli found in water, one more hospitalised

One more labourer from the Sobha Dream Acres construction site in Varthur was referred to St John’s Hospital at 1am on January 1 as he showed cholera-like symptoms. This comes even as all the

02 Jan 2018

Health department shuts down three scanning centres

The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) cell of the health department has seized four ultrasound scanning machines and closed three centres in the state as a part.

02 Jan 2018