Suraksha P

Who gets an organ? Doctors have to take a crucial call in hours, sometimes just minutes

Though there is an established rotation system for all the 15 transplant centres in the state, in emergency situations, the call is made by the sub-committees that are constituted annually.

13 Aug 2018

Poor show by Kidwai in utilisation of funds

Spokepersons for the hospital said that they have enough cases to request for a higher allocation, but they have funds from various other government grants and donations from philanthropists too.

09 Aug 2018

Karnataka has system in place to test quality of medicines

The report had observed that only 48 per cent of the samples (6,776 of the 14,209 batches) were tested in three years.

05 Aug 2018

Head to the gym and pay less premium on health insurance

The objective is to keep the customer/insurer informed about their health and include perks, such as lower premiums, for people who have a healthier lifestyle.

04 Aug 2018

Lesser premiums for better health: Insurance regulatory proposes tracking fitness data by wearables

The objective is to keep the customer/insurer informed about their health and include perks, such as lower premiums, for people who have a healthier lifestyle.

04 Aug 2018

Man with rare ‘pp’ blood group undergoes bloodless surgery at Manipal

On May 11, he was admitted to the hospital for a femur fracture and required surgery for which one or two units of blood was required for transfusion.  

01 Aug 2018

Bengaluru man finds insect in MTR pickle

A Bengaluru resident found an insect in his pickle that was manufactured by MTR.

29 Jul 2018

Karnataka sees second highest rabies deaths in the country

Despite state’s best efforts to vaccinate stray dogs, the National Health Profile 2018, shows that Karnataka and one other state account for over half of the country’s rabies cases.

29 Jul 2018

‘Sick or unpaid, I can’t rest. Trash piles up fast’

When you are working to clean up a busy area, like 40-yr-old Uma in Indiranagar, you can’t afford a day off; especially if your employer won’t hire enough hands.

27 Jul 2018

Bengaluru: BBMP pourakarmika battles kidney ailment as grandson awaits heart surgery

Early this month, 40-year-old S Subramani took his own life. The BBMP pourakarmika had not been paid for seven months and he had been struggling to pay his children’s school expenses.

25 Jul 2018

Victoria Hospital nurses complain officer used R-word

In a shocking incident, a senior medical officer at Victoria Hospital has been accused of making a gender-insensitive remark. 

23 Jul 2018

Plan to have organ retrieval centre at NIMHANS in cold storage

No allocations made so far despite the state government’s promise; organ donation rate per million population is less than one in Karnataka.

17 Jul 2018

We don’t just make patients look pretty: Plastic surgeons

Don't plastic surgeons just do nose jobs and breast jobs? Isn't plastic surgery only for the rich? Do you use plastic in surgery? Aren't you a glorified dermatologist? 

16 Jul 2018

National Plastic Surgery Day: 'We're not just doctors who make you look pretty'

Platic surgeons today in Cubbon Park explained they were involved in trauma reconstruction, cancer reconstruction, treating nerve injuries, correcting congenital anomalies and treating burns as well.

15 Jul 2018

Private hospitals in Karnataka lobby for higher prices with ‘faulty’ study

Private hospitals label report as ‘Karnataka government costing study’; state health secretary says it’s not state-sponsored.

13 Jul 2018

Asian Games 2018