Swathi Nair

When even language betrays your sexuality

African American student Ibtisam in the city opens up about how there’s no word for lesbian in the middle eastern vocabulary; makes art to present the lives of women and members of the LGBTQ community

18 hours ago

Bowing to resident’s pressure, corporator calls for a meeting

The ongoing projects and the funds received by the corporator will be discussed

19 Sep 2017

Why aren’t comics sticking around in Bengaluru?

AIB’s Rohan Joshi says that biggest challenge in comedy is creative scriptwriting part

18 Sep 2017

‘Rajinikanth insists on being served hotel staff food’

From cooking a special vegetarian feast with local produce in Bengaluru for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to serving up sizzling Southie deliciousness to the likes of Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Rajin

16 Sep 2017

Ward committees a ‘joke’

Residents complain that in many areas committees have not held a single meeting,even after two months of induction.Members say they do not know what their duties are and corporators await direction fr

14 Sep 2017

Intelligent veg spin  on Nasi goreng

The flavours of the Indonesian-style spiced rice is bound to leave you nostalgic

09 Sep 2017

Online maps and city traffic cops steal residents’ beauty sleep

While Indiranagar can’t get sleep until 2am over noise pollution caused by pubs, Malleswaram and Koramangala too doesn’t seem to catch a shut until late in the night, courtesy traffic noises.I

07 Sep 2017

Why won’t the pubs shut up?

Corporation and police officers should be given noise dosemeters, and KSPCB needs a permanent 
control room for quick action on complaints.

05 Sep 2017

Vikas Khanna’s biopic travels to Venice film fest

The documentary Buried Seeds'that tells the tale of how Indian Michelin-star chef Vikas Khanna overcame disability, poverty and discrimination will be screened at the Venice International Film Festiva

04 Sep 2017

Bihari women painters aim to find recognition with art in Bengaluru

An art installation questioning gender bias made by women Madhubani painters from the rural areas of Bihar will make its way to Bengaluru during the third edition of Gender Bender on September 9 and 10.

04 Sep 2017

Dad was my constant horizon: Shibu Arakkal

When Shibu Arakkal isn’t too busy capturing minimalism and finding Zen philosophy in abstract art, the photo artist takes his bike out on long rides.

02 Sep 2017

Street dogs will not be chained

Graphic novel and short film revisist radical Bengali writer Nabarun Bhattacharya’s apocalyptic book Lubdhak on the oppressed’s fight

30 Aug 2017

Literary game wins Rs 3 lakh grant

Videogame set in the imaginary land of Kayamgadh wins grant from India Foundation for Arts for pushing boundaries of literary fiction and interactive games through a narrative.

30 Aug 2017

Green Chaturthi has feet of clay

Switching to clay Ganesha is not necessarily environment-friendly.Ecology of water bodies can be disrupted by large-scale dumping of these idols

28 Aug 2017

Clay Ganeshas may come ‘headless’, but fear of fine keeps traders in check

The implementation of the ban isn't completely unsuccessful as several sellers on Pottery Road and RV Road refuse to sell PoP ones.

21 Aug 2017