Swathi Nair

GST a penalty on arts, Jagriti floats petition

Protesting against the government’s move to levy 18 per cent GST or Goods and Services Tax  on  theatre, and other Indian performance arts, Jagriti Theatre has floated a petition online against it.

12 hours ago

Hours of ‘madness’ for a Rs 500 phone

Engineering graduate Natique Raza tinkered with Chinese-made phones to make this handy model

12 hours ago

Escaping a kidnap with an elephant head

Everyone knows the mythological story of how Lord Ganesh got a new elephant head. But what happened after? How well did he get along with his new head?

12 hours ago

Intimacy explored through touch, art

Minutely choreographed, carefully chosen movement sequences from real life will be played out on stage

21 Jun 2017

Smiles come cheap in KR Market

For years, self-styled ‘dentists’ have been running a successful business from makeshift stalls in KR Market.

21 Jun 2017

Free dental service for the poor with hot chai

“Tum cha piyo, tab tak daant ready hojaega. By the time you finish your tea, your new teeth will be ready,” Sheikh Anwar, a self-styled dentist at KR Market tells his customer.

21 Jun 2017

Tooth intervention to look smashing at weddings and ace govt job interviews

Got a government job interview, but falling short of a tooth or two? Well, head to KR Market because that is where the fixers are.

21 Jun 2017

Teen’s work on lakes takes her to Milky Way

Sahithi Pingali’s crowdsourced data collection platform to save water bodies gets her universal recognition.

15 Jun 2017

‘Reluctant feminist’ writes a feminist thriller set in a supernatural world

Are you a feminist who wonders what it would be like, if you could venture into the supernatural and earn powers to navigate through every day life? Well then, Shweta Taneja realises this imagination

15 Jun 2017

Meera breaks free

Rukmini Vijaykumar dances her way through the mystic poet’s journey of breaking societal shackles to
find love

14 Jun 2017

I love spices! Matt, George too weak to indulge in them: Chef Gary Mehigan

Chef Gary Mehigan was in the city recently rolling out hot dosas. Amused? Well, the celebrity chef confesses to be a big fan of Indian spices.

10 Jun 2017

Vietnamese ‘Buddha’ guides artist to abstract mountain

A 37-year-old hotel management graduate says she just followed her inner voice and that path has today led her to hosting an exhibition of her recent works — ‘Mountain Musings’.

08 Jun 2017

Catch a ‘power play’ on sexual assault

Watch Oleanna, the two-character drama that is woven around a sexual-abuse accusation, this weekend.

06 Jun 2017

Find your football mate, or a team, with GamePlan App

Like Tinder, Chhetris’ app fetches users around you and then notifies you about games in the area.

05 Jun 2017

City women howl wild at new moon

Around 20 Bengalureans form a circle and hold space for rituals to unleash and tap into their feminine powers.They ululate together and do an invocation ritual, following which, the creative

01 Jun 2017

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