Swathi Nair

Under the spell of wild and serene horses

Bengaluru-based architect-turned-artist captures the beauty of horses through realistic, abstract paintings

22 May 2017

The goons and horrors of writing another best seller

Ask any writer and he will tell you that writing is a profession of anguish and frustration, unless of course you are done with the piece.

17 May 2017

I shall never forget Bengaluru: Lucy Rose

As Lucy Rose sets off on her India tour, Express catches up with the singer-songwriter on her new album and her experience of living with fans captured in a music/travel documentary.

17 May 2017

Shorts that change colour under the sun

Would you wear an algae? How about one that makes your dress change colours when out in the sun. Intrigued?

17 May 2017

Look smoking hot with waste couture

Bengaluru students create fabric out of cigarette butts; plans are on to apply for a patent.

17 May 2017

Being ‘They’

City Express catches up with gender non-conformists and a gender queer person; and strikes a conversation on the struggles of being in a predominantly binary world

13 May 2017

Fangirling over superfood in B’luru

With health food being the  fad for quite some time now, it has rapt the attention of the calorie counters and the foodies alike.

13 May 2017

Bottoms up on tiramisu

Keeping up with their claims of ethical food, Fava uses locally sourced organic food, meat and chocolate. Also, their tiramisu is a cocktail and not a dessert.

13 May 2017

Treading unconquered terrains

Swathi Nair caught up with a 72-year-old marathon runner, a 22 year-old Yakshagana performer who owes her success to her mother and a Dramebaaz at TEDxUlsoor

03 May 2017

Ditching Cinderella heels for sneakers

Welcome to 2017, where gym wear has taken the plunge to being high-street fashion and is being embraced by designers, celebrities and millennials alike

03 May 2017

Udaipur shot from a studio

Waswo X Waswo talks of his hand-painted photo display and responds to criticism of Western hegemony in his artworks

03 May 2017

Shhhh! your noise is disrupting marine life

An ignorance to underwater awareness could possibly risk our security, raise environmental concerns and alarm disaster management authorities.

27 Apr 2017

Ancient Kannada lives online

Omshivaprakash along with a few other techies has embarked on a journey to digitise ancient
Kannada literature.

27 Apr 2017

When camera rolls become canvas art

An aerospace engineer by profession, Ranga ‘Vinay’ Voona is also an artist who takes photos and converts them into forms of painting. He calls this style “photo-art”.

26 Apr 2017

Chetan Bhagat accused of plagiarism for his latest bestseller 'One Indian Girl'

Anvita Bajpai, an IIT and IIM graduate, said that she has filed a lawsuit in a Bengaluru court which granted temporary injunction restraining sales of the book "One Indian Girl".

25 Apr 2017

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