Swathi Nair

Shhhh! your noise is disrupting marine life

An ignorance to underwater awareness could possibly risk our security, raise environmental concerns and alarm disaster management authorities.

7 hours ago

Ancient Kannada lives online

Omshivaprakash along with a few other techies has embarked on a journey to digitise ancient
Kannada literature.

7 hours ago

When camera rolls become canvas art

An aerospace engineer by profession, Ranga ‘Vinay’ Voona is also an artist who takes photos and converts them into forms of painting. He calls this style “photo-art”.

26 Apr 2017

Chetan Bhagat accused of plagiarism for his latest bestseller 'One Indian Girl'

Anvita Bajpai, an IIT and IIM graduate, said that she has filed a lawsuit in a Bengaluru court which granted temporary injunction restraining sales of the book "One Indian Girl".

25 Apr 2017

Too many fish in the sea spoil the dating broth

 Is finding love in the time of dating apps tougher than usual? Well, it appears so. 
Too many fish in the sea are spoiling the dating game, is what a few Bengalureans believe.

19 Apr 2017

Third generation of Nataranga returns to Ranga Shankara

Founded in 1970 by Sri Lokesh, Sri CR Simha and Sri Sreenivas Kappanna, theatre group Nataranga has presented several historic plays in the city.

13 Apr 2017

Techies ditch coffee, get their hands dirty

A look at how farming, even at workplace,  has improved the emotional health of a few IT professionals and has brought down stress levels.

12 Apr 2017

Throwback to 18th century sufi poetry

Vipul Rikhi discovered the works of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai during his research in folk tunes of Kutch. He is today striving to bring the 18th century Sufi poet’s work to popular culture

12 Apr 2017

Robot butler on my food safari  

City Express charters a trip through a five course meal across five  restaurants; one even had a robot butler

08 Apr 2017

It’s Time for some Buh buh buh buh Bennie and the Jet’s

While the rest of us aspire to look and be like our idols, Paul Bacon has had it easier.

06 Apr 2017

Where nature found a friend

Step into this grandmother’s world of greens that is making Malleshwaram a cooler and chirpier place to live in

05 Apr 2017

Culture on the menu

A look at the evolution of city restaurants from being dinner spots to harbours of art and culture

04 Apr 2017

Building summer nests

As temperature is set to soar further in Bengaluru, guess who’s keeping cool under the scorching Sun? The birds.

04 Apr 2017

Punjabi thumkas spiced right

If you are someone who loves zesty flavours in cocktails and meat and wouldn’t mind a Bollywood quickie, this is your place.

01 Apr 2017

It’s a match on tinder, but what does the fam say?

I n times when love is just a right swipe away, how are parents of today adapting to this tinder generation?

25 Mar 2017

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