Tanuj Solanki

Duryodhana demands war

Sanjaya returns to the Hastinapura court carrying messages from the Pandavas.

23 hours ago

Sanjaya talks peace with the Pandavas

Sanjaya, tasked by Dhritarashtra to talk peace with the Pandavas, reaches Upaplavya, where the Pandavas are camped.

04 Nov 2018

Alliance-making continues

In the anticipation of a great war between the contenders of Hastinapura, a spree of alliance-making ensues across the continent.

22 Oct 2018

Krishna’s pact with the two parties

With the offer of himself and a mercenary army (a peacekeeping force, so to say), Krishna limits how much the war will tap into Yadava resources over time.

14 Oct 2018

Pandavas Alliance with Matsya

After victory over the Trigartas, the king of Matsya returns to his palace and enquires about the whereabouts of his son, Uttara.

09 Oct 2018

Arjuna destroys the Kuru army

At the edges of the kingdom of Matsya, as if in rehearsal for the war to come, the plundering Kuru army and Arjuna engage in battle.

01 Oct 2018

The Kauravas’ face-off with Arjuna

Brihannada (Arjuna) drives Uttar’s chariot towards the front.

23 Sep 2018

Capturing the cattle of Matsya

After the death of Kichaka, the kingdom of Matsya is deemed to have become weaker. Susharma, king of the rival kingdom of Trigarta, sees this as an opportunity.

18 Sep 2018

The killing of Kichaka

Be it forest or palace, Draupadi’s beauty is sure to create complications for her.

10 Sep 2018

The salaried Draupadi

For their year of anonymity, the five Pandava brothers, along with Draupadi, take up new identities and find salaried jobs in the court of king Virata.

02 Sep 2018

The year of  anonymity

One of the conditions at the infamous dice game required that the Pandavas adopt disguises in the thirteenth year of their exile. If those disguises were to be found out, an additional twelve years of exile shall be imposed on the brothers.

27 Aug 2018

Yudhistira and the Yaksha

Reflecting on the recent misfortune of Draupadi’s abduction, the Pandavas stretch their lamentations for long.

20 Aug 2018

Karna’s earrings and armour

“As long as you have the beautiful earrings, Arjuna cannot vanquish you in battle, even if Indra himself becomes his arrows.”

12 Aug 2018

Savitri’s rescue of Satyavan

After rescuing Draupadi from Jayadratha, the Pandavas — especially Yudhistira — are morose, and need sage Markandeya to tell them uplifting stories.

06 Aug 2018

The mini Ramayana inside Mahabharata

After Draupadi’s abduction by Jayadratha and the subsequent rescue by the Pandavas, sage Markandeya begins to narrate the story of a similar abduction in the distant past: of Sita.

29 Jul 2018