Thommen Jose

Butterfly effect

For a life that rarely goes beyond a couple of weeks, the amount of cloak and dagger moves was overwhelming.

13 Jan 2018

A heady bali high in Bajo

Then at the Tree Top Bar, which he runs with his son Mathews near the Labuan Bajo harbour, there is always some reason to be raucous.

18 Mar 2017

Upfront in the backwaters

Vembanad lake’s canals snake into Kerala’s dust-free boondocks abuzz with markets, boats and toddy

07 Jan 2017

Rocks and roll in a stony land

Hampi in Karnataka is not only about temple ruins but also about the splendid rocks in its backyard.

19 Nov 2016

Sing a song of suspense 

It’s rare that an Indonesian can’t sing, and though karaoke bars here have a social stigma attached to them, they serve a great social function in the island nation

12 Nov 2016

One-day-chief o' melo

30 Sep 2016

One-day-chief o' melo

The cultural performances might be touristy, opens doors to the tapestry of a culture-rich past about an Indonesian village

24 Sep 2016