Toby Antony

Tehran transit point for Malayalis migrating to Islamic State-held territories

In all major cases registered in Kerala related to the migration of Malayalis to IS-held territories since 2016, the preferred route has been via Tehran.

21 Sep 2018

Legal Metrology Department registers 46 cases for fleecing consumers in flood-hit areas of Kerala

Central Zone covers Ernakulam, Idukki, Thrissur and Palakkad districts which were all affected by the flood.

19 Sep 2018

Kerala floods one month after: Amid financial woes, plywood factory owners keep their chin up

The owner of Amina Industries, a plywood manufacturing unit in Vallam, near Perumbavoor, Faisal has decided to restart his factory even though many of his machines are damaged.

18 Sep 2018

Kerala floods one month after: ‘Normal’ still a dream for Neriamangalam

The 60 residents of the village are yet to recover from the impact of the deluge.

18 Sep 2018

Chinese nets caught in a web of government apathy post-Kerala floods

The Fisheries Department survey found that the mid-August deluge has damaged as many as 213 Chinese fishing nets, known in local parlance as Cheena Vala, in Ernakulam district.

18 Sep 2018

Kerala floods one month after: Students, teachers join hands to beat odds in Lower Kuttanad

The school endured two major floods in the past two months, but the teachers are in high spirits to normalise the school operations and achieve a record feat in the next SSLC examination.  

17 Sep 2018

Pollution Control Board suggests super-chlorination to fight coliform menace in wells

The presence of coliform bacteria was found in wells in the flood-affected areas after the KSPCB completed the first phase testing of well water recently.

16 Sep 2018

Hilly areas of Ernakulam district on the brink of a severe drought

Nature is playing cruel games with people residing on the Periyar's banks.

12 Sep 2018

Deluge-hit goods flood second-hand market in Kerala

In the post-flood scenario, you should think twice before buying pre-owned furniture and electronic equipment as second-hand shops are picking up stocks from flood-affected areas

11 Sep 2018

Disposing of rain-damaged stock from warehouses poses a major challenge

The water level at the warehouse was around 8-9 feet and the entire export and import godowns were under water.

09 Sep 2018

Kerala State Pollution Control Board holds talks with cement companies

Though a final agreement is yet to be reached, the KSPCB believes the talks ended on a positive note.

08 Sep 2018

Relief materials worth Rs 25.5 crore arrived from foreign countries

Under the Centre’s notification food, blankets, clothing and medicines worth Rs 50 lakh were received.

06 Sep 2018

Customs’ nod to DPD for clearing flood relief items arriving at ICTT

The Ernakulam administration on Wednesday deployed its team led by deputy tahsildar Joseph Antony Hurtis to handle the flood relief goods arriving at ICTT.

06 Sep 2018

Shortage of raw material plunges plywood industry into crisis after floods

Crippled as they are by floods, several plywood factories in Perumbavoor are staring at a new crisis.

05 Sep 2018

NIA Court to indict accused in Kanakamala IS case

All the accused who have been arrested in the case are currently in Kerala. The case would be considered for the trial proceedings.

02 Sep 2018