Tushar Kaushik

81-yr-old gets khata after 85 days

His efforts began during end of June, and he finally got the khata on Sept 16

19 Sep 2017

Deluge of troubles hits Bengaluru, Infosys compound wall crumbles

While waterlogged roads are turning into death traps, the threat of many old buildings and walls collapsing looms large in the IT city.

11 Sep 2017

Residents complained about tree but in vain

A tree fall that claimed three lives on Friday night could have been prevented, according to local residents. The family of three was in a car when a tree fell on them, killing them on the spot.

10 Sep 2017

SIT searches tabloid’s office, carts away documents, files

Three members of the 21-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to investigate the killing of journalist Gauri Lankesh, thoroughly searched her office in Gandhi Bazaar on Friday.

09 Sep 2017

‘Police should lead probe, not media’

I know many opinions are being passed blaming Hindutva forces for   them urder of Gauri Lankesh because the modus operandi of all four murders is somewhat similar. Secondly, in the Kalburgi case, no headway has been made in the investigation.

07 Sep 2017

Recycling units groan under tax burden, waste pickers hit

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has also hit city’s waste pickers hard. Due to the 18 per cent tax imposed on plastic, the waste recycling industry is going through a recession and the worst affected

04 Sep 2017

Stress affects wild Asian elephants too, reveals study by IISc student

Wildlife researchers can now have extensive insights on stress levels in wild Asian elephants, thanks to a PhD scholar’s work over five years.

28 Aug 2017

Bigger bowls at Indira Canteens on the cards

Many customers leave canteens without a hearty meal, say they can’t wait for long to get another coupon

21 Aug 2017

They saw history in the making

Many have studied about India’s first Independence Day in history books. But to actually see history happening is something special.

15 Aug 2017

For him, the struggle has not ended

A man who spends a lot of his life fighting for the rights of the oppressed also used to supply ‘time bombs’ to destroy British government records.

15 Aug 2017

Songs, jokes on lament of Buffalo

What complements a duo of standup comedians who don’t pull any punches as they lampoon the government’s decisions and policies? Turns out, the frontman of a fusion rock band works quite well.

14 Aug 2017

More residents come together to say ‘Station Beda’ 

There’s another ‘Beda’ campaign taking shape in the city against the plan to build a Metro station below a playground in New Bamboo Bazaar.

11 Aug 2017

Last peg for Pecos on Brigade Road

Apex court’s liquor ban forces the iconic pub to shift base, while many others suffer losses

01 Aug 2017

Several civic projects in city stuck as land swap deal in limbo

Army was to get 207 acres near Anekal for 62 acres in core areas of the city.

31 Jul 2017

New zoning rules ‘beda’, say citizens

Bengalureans have unanimously opposed the new zoning regulations and are gearing up to file objections to it.

29 Jul 2017