Vijaya Pratap

Palavelli: A Riverside Retreat

As I travel around the world exploring exotic places and experiencing unique cultures, I often wonder why I haven’t yet reconnoitred my own land, the Godavari belt in Andhra Pradesh.

16 Mar 2019

Of souqs and scrumptious food in Sharjah!

Boutique hotels, Islamic-style markets, shopping hubs and more greet the visitor in Sharjah as the delicious food plays cupid and bonds people.

02 Mar 2019

Sharjah in Spotlight!

Often in the shadow of big brother Dubai, the quiet Sharjah has grabbed global attention once again, beckoning the world to come see its splendour.

23 Feb 2019

The Dutch Master’s Canvas

The light in Rembrandt’s art, while clearly deriving from an external source, paradoxically seems to irradiate from the essence of the human subject.

16 Feb 2019

Tales of art

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, the Scottish National Gallery is home to one of the best collections of fine art in the world.

09 Feb 2019

Melody and the Monk

For more than forty years Ganesh-Kumaresh the sibling duo wowed audiences across the world, inspiring an entire generation of young performers and listeners.

06 Feb 2019

Art that tells stories

Continuing the tour in Manchester Art Gallery, here are some interesting stories that the paintings depict.

02 Feb 2019

The song of the serpent

On the surface, it may look like a documentation of the dancer’s choreography.

30 Jan 2019

Painting tales

Museums and art galleries are founded mostly aiming for a learned society: to educate and enlighten the community.

26 Jan 2019

The British museum

At the top, the decree was written in hieroglyphics, the traditional script of Egyptian monuments, then already 3000 years old.

05 Jan 2019

Scottish pride and palace

When Edinburgh became the capital of Scotland in 1437, successive monarchs found the royal chambers at the abbey far more comfortable than Edinburgh Castle.

29 Dec 2018

Come, fall in love with Edinburgh!

As we passed the Castle, Derek swelled with pride and shared some details.

22 Dec 2018

Dance with a deeper vision

Rama Vaidyanathan opened the festival with a Panchaka Mallari, followed by Pannagendra Sayana-Swathi Tirunal’s famous Ashta Ragamalika Padam. 

19 Dec 2018

The dancing wonders of Odisha

The young boys from Konark just finished giving a mind- blowing performance of “Gotipua” and received an ovation from the mesmerised audience, including the Governor.

08 Dec 2018

Meditative melodies

The latter part of the evening the scion of Mewati Gharana, Pt Sanjeev Abhyankar took the audience on a most gratifying journey into music.

05 Dec 2018