Vijaya Pratap

The yellow on the broom

I shared the joys and the sorrows of the travelling communities and their hardships: empathising, feeling, laughing and crying.

13 Oct 2018

Dundee for design

The city has a dramatic skyline, which represents its industrial past, its Victorian civic ambitions and its more recent cultural regeneration.

06 Oct 2018

V&A Dundee – a spectacle  unveiled

Inever heard of Dundee, a coastal city on the Firth of Tay estuary in eastern Scotland, until the spectacular launch of V&A Dundee happened.

02 Oct 2018

A tale of two cities: Budapest

I have had the most wonderful time in Budapest and it is still one of my favourite cities in the world.

22 Sep 2018

A tale of two cities: Buda and Pest

Gold and marble, majolica and stained glass: luxurious buildings all over Budapest.

15 Sep 2018

Soaking in  hot springs of Budapest

Hungary is a landlocked country in Europe that boasts the maximum hot water springs.

08 Sep 2018

Buddha returns to Borobudur!

Built in the 9th century with Javanese Buddhist design, Borobudur temple in Indonesia is the largest Buddhist temple in the world.

01 Sep 2018

Awesome Warsaw!

The Old Town of Warsaw is a visual feast, and finds a mention in the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites

25 Aug 2018

Bannock from the North Pole

Instead of ‘coffee breaks’ dad had ‘soup breaks’, and for us kids who walked a couple of miles to school, it was the first thing we did when we got home.

18 Aug 2018

An Awadhi feast in the Garden City

Once you settle down and open the menu, you travel back in time – to the times of Lucknowi nawabs.

04 Aug 2018

Happy food from Burma!

A restaurant in Bengaluru serves authentic Burmese cuisine from handed-down family recipes

28 Jul 2018

Aromas of Afghanistan

Ghiza Kitchen in Bengaluru is renowned for its Afghan and Pakistani cuisine.

21 Jul 2018

My neighbour on vacation

Her pale face beamed in a pink hue, her worn out teeth bursting into a broad smile, her adrenalin mounting as she climbed the platform of the compound wall to reach my face and share the news of the w

14 Jul 2018

Pick a book in Porto! 

The second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto boasts of a 112-year-old bookstore that attracts around 4,000 visitors a day

30 Jun 2018

Hail the dessert!

Located 25 km from the Croatian capital Zagreb, Samobor is a quaint little town whose delicacy, 
a custard cream pastry, is internationally renowned

09 Jun 2018