Vijaya Pratap

Crossing a concealed river

It was a surreal experience during the 45-minute boat ride in the caves of the world’s longest navigable underground river

12 hours ago

Bonding with bunny chow

With a curry inside a hollowed-out loaf of bread, Bunny Chow is an integral part of Indian diaspora in Durban

27 May 2017

The oriental glory

Other than the marvellous sea view, Taiwan offers its guests warm affection

13 May 2017

Bidar fort beckons!

After chasing blackbucks in the Jungle Lodge Resort in Vilaspur (Karnataka), I chose to kill the next day in the nearby Bidar, a mere 18 km from the resort.

29 Apr 2017

Reviving Residency, Reminiscing a Romance

William Dalrymple, historian and author of ‘White Mughals’ recounted the forgotten days of the British Raj, the romantic  tale of James Kirkpatrick and Khairunnisa Begum and the history behind their h

20 Apr 2017

Song and Spirit of Kabir

Vipul Rikhi gave a concert “ Suno Bhai Sadho”, where he sang the works of philosophers like Kabir, Goraknath; Sufi poets like Bulle Shah and Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai at Lamakaan on Tuesday 

13 Apr 2017

Riding a magic horse

With heritage dating back to thousands of years, Jordan has numerous holy sites, apart from places that seem untouched by humanity

08 Apr 2017

Resting in peace and beauty

The cemetery in Zagreb, Croatia is not just the resting place for dead, it is also an open art gallery and an embodiment of fine architecture.

01 Apr 2017

A unique museum  in paris 

Musée d’Orsay houses the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces in the world

25 Mar 2017

A village with  no doors, no thefts

At Shani Shingnapur people have such immense faith in Lord that their houses have only door frames

18 Mar 2017

A daiwik experience divine blessings

The mystique and magic of Shirdi lies in Sai Baba’s presence hidden in all its corners

11 Mar 2017

Appreciating art at SAAM

The Seattle Asian Art Museum called SAAM has a good collection of impressive art from India and China.

04 Mar 2017

Rendezvous with Royalty

The ancient town Anegundi, the original capital of Vijayanagara Empire, has architectural marvels built by royals

25 Feb 2017

Revisiting history

The ancient architecture of Hampi enthralls with its fine details

18 Feb 2017

Paradise Regained

The writer came across experienced warm people and indifferent officials while her passport was stolen.

04 Feb 2017

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