Vijaya Pratap

From melattur with love…

Renowned artistes from melattur bhagavata mela group enact the celestial wedding of rama and sita at an event held in Hyderabad

14 Apr 2018

In the world of Wedgwood

The world famous Wedgwood pottery is a beautiful display of exquisite craftsmanship and skills

07 Apr 2018

Oh, to be in London!

London as a city is simply overwhelming even if you are visiting it for the nth time, especially if you are a Charles Dickens fan

24 Mar 2018

York Art Gallery: Steeped in Heritage

York boasts of a host of attractions, including a renowned Art Gallery, Viking Centre, Railway Museum and more!

17 Mar 2018

A Thinking Cap to Elevate Art

It was an evening filled with pleasant music, dance and intellectual analysis of a much loved and performed dance number. 

14 Mar 2018

York of yore and York of today

Ninety minutes by train from Manchester, York is a fashionable city that blends heritage and historic architecture with present day’s sophistication

10 Mar 2018

UK Diaries-2 multifaceted manchester

The highlight of the Manchester trip was the visit to the beautifully restored historic home of Elizabeth Gaskell, the famous Victorian novelist

03 Mar 2018

A stroll through the artworks of historic Holland

Entering the 17th-century cheese farm “Catharina Hoeve” was like stepping back in time.

17 Feb 2018

Easy-going at Mt Difficulty

Mt Difficulty wines of New Zealand offer travellers exquisite taste of the country

23 Dec 2017

Charming Christchurch!

Christchurch in New Zealand offers a splendid view of the majestic Southern Alps and Pacific Ocean

25 Nov 2017

Sixteen steps to an unknown future

‘Apravasi Ghat’ in Mauritius is a must visit for every Indian to go back into history to learn about those civilizations that were exploited and also about those civilizations that exploited

14 Nov 2017

Gourmandise in the gardens

Gastronomic delights abound at “Pollen” and “Halia” restaurants in Singapore, whilst providing visitors with enchanting vistas of surrounding flora

30 Sep 2017

The glitz and glamour of formula 1

Singapore, where every fan of Formula 1 races headed last weekend, I followed suit, though I am not a great fan of car races. But speed thrills, doesn’t it?

23 Sep 2017

Kolanupaka village: Ageless and amazing!

Kolanupaka village has a renowned Jain temple with an impressive statue of lord Mahavir, exquisite marble inlay work and serene surroundings.

02 Sep 2017

Pretty houses all in a row

After the hauntingly sweeping views of the Table Mountain, we got onto the vintage World War II chauffeured sidecars and toured in the city of Cape Town for two hours.

29 Jul 2017