Facing a big job crisis, government launches push to expedite flagship initiatives

The job crisis may be the most visible distress sign in India’s growth story and that is one of the reasons the government has decided to loosen restrictions on funding of development schemes.

17 Oct 2017

The paradox of fleeing fugitives and a silent Government

Pontius Pilate, who tried and crucified Jesus, asked him the last and only question which he did not answer—what is truth? There could be many interpretations to Jesus’s silence.

08 Oct 2017

Mission 2019: Modi shakes up dozing Babus

The Prime Minister launches a silent operation across the Union ministries to invigorate a sluggish bureaucracy keeping in view the 2019 elections

08 Oct 2017

The Dragon Game

The succession war in China escalates as the Communist Party congress beginning October 18 gets ready to choose the successor to both the Paramount Leader and Prime Minister. What this means for China

07 Oct 2017

Indian bankrolled caliphate: Rajasthan Anti-Terror Squad discover Dubai-based MBA from Mumbai who funds Islamic State terror

Terror investigators have unearthed India’s biggest Islamic State link. A Dubai-based MBA from Mumbai moved money through Sarajevo, Beirut and Istanbul to fund terror activities in Syria and Iraq.

01 Oct 2017

Time to fix the responsibility of bofors investigators and their political masters

An investigation has to penetrate the core of a scam and not to analyse it intellectually. It is a continuum without any gap and one evidence leads to another, joined together in the chain.

01 Oct 2017

MGR fought for Thirukkural as national scripture, Indira Gandhi spiked it

Former PM cited the secular nature of the Constitution to turn down the request; back-and-forth correspondence part of 3,000 files PMO will release soon.

27 Sep 2017

Biggest arms trafficking racket since 1947: Gang selling ‘guns like veggies’ busted in Jammu and Kashmir's Kupwara

A crack team of Rajasthan Anti-Terror Squad has busted arguably the most powerful illegal arms cartel in India.

24 Sep 2017

In the time of nukes, jihadists and a terror state

Denial is part of ignorance. And, Pakistan since the foundation of terror factories on its soil in the late 70s has overindulged itself in denying everything from its caesarian birth to a perennial threat it created in the region on an entirely new scale.

23 Sep 2017

Zooming into future: A bullet train into the very centre of greater Asia

A leader lives on relationship; a nation thrives on economic and strategic ties. If the two disappear, there will always be a North Korea.

17 Sep 2017

Robert Vadra’s benami land deals form tip of the iceberg

Documents reveal that the Congress president’s son-in-law bought land through his bodyguard and his driver, by wiring money into their bank accounts.

10 Sep 2017

Robert Vadra used driver, bodyguard to make Rs 4.5-cr benami profit

After registering an FIR to probe Robert Vadra’s alleged tainted land deals in Rajasthan, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is now focusing on the use of proxies — such as his former bodyguard

10 Sep 2017

Gauri Lankesh’s killing and its aftermath is a sign of a sick society

When India was awakened at the stroke of the midnight hour, a majority of her population was lost in dreams.

10 Sep 2017

Taxmen buried evidence of hawala, botched up probe into pay-offs to babus

The CBI claims a diary seized from Vadodara based Sterling Biotech Limited indicates that the firm under probe was allegedly using hawala routes to transfer money in India and abroad.

08 Sep 2017

How Income Tax officers helped Gujarat firm evade tax, set up shell companies

A diary shipped by tax department to the Central Bureau of Investigation indicates Income Tax officials got kickbacks for helping Sterling Biotech set up benamis.

07 Sep 2017