Is the government looking to end male privilege?

The government has decided it’s time to focus on women. The Centre is working on a proposal that would make it mandatory for all government benefits to be transferred only to a female member of the fa

21 Jun 2017

PMO's eleven-Point Action Programme to enhance women's economic clout 

The Modi Sarkar is working on a proposal that will soon make all the government benefits in women's name mandatory.

20 Jun 2017

India snubs Chinese NGO for raising rights violation issues at UN

India has rebuffed the claims made by a Chinese NGO at the United Nations alleging that the country has a long record of prosecution of human rights defenders.

18 Jun 2017

Hackers target government staff for sensitive data

The Ministry of Home Affairs has warned of an “intense digital war” by non-State actors who are attempting to steal sensitive data from Indian information infrastructure.

17 Jun 2017

Shadowy attacks on government info infrastructure

The Ministry of Home Affairs has warned against the intense digital war by non-state actors against Indian information infrastructure that aims to compromise and steal sensitive data.

15 Jun 2017

Until Mandsaur, PMO besotted by MP’s farm policies

The Centre was avidly considering recommendations made by a think tank based on the Madhya Pradesh model.

14 Jun 2017

Aadhar digit dilemma foxes top babus

The National Informatics Centre (NIC) is responsible for providing network backbone to Central government departments while UIDAI’s function is to secure people’s biometrics data.

11 Jun 2017

Agriculture is failing the 468 million Indians depending on it for livelihoods

The agony of hundreds of thousands of farmers toiling in the hinterland can be understood from the fact that “44% operational land is not performing to its potential. 

08 Jun 2017

Soft power: China gets its own Nalanda university, shames India

The Chinese Nalanda version is a sea-facing structure located on the scenic Nanshan Mountains spread across 618.8 acres.

05 Jun 2017

Smarter, tighter laws to clean Up NGO funding

After the massive crackdown against foreign-funded NGOs, the government is all set to choke the federal funding by eliminating the fake domestic voluntary organisations.

04 Jun 2017

India to balance power in Trump Era

On the backdrop of G20, India is restoring influence especially in 17 countries across Africa

04 Jun 2017

China gets its own Nalanda, shames India

Seeking to usurp India’s fledgling international school, the Chinese version aims to project the country as the hub of Buddhist teaching

04 Jun 2017

Nationalist babus discover saints in school

A meeting of top officials last week in the HRD Ministry decided to recognise the glorious contribution of ancient and Vedic scholars, and scientists in the existing school curriculum.

28 May 2017

Sex trafficking haunts Facebook, Whatsapp

Every 8 minutes, a girl goes missing in India.

28 May 2017

No evidence: I-T returns two tax evasion cases against Mayawati

In a reprise of what happened under the UPA-II regime, Income Tax Department returns two tax evasion cases against Mayawati on grounds of jurisdiction and lack of evidence.

13 May 2017

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