Yogi Ashwini

Only pain can lead us to him

I meet and interact with seekers from all over the world.

04 Nov 2018

Delving deep into our heritage

Vedic civilisation is perhaps the most advanced civilisation across times.

28 Sep 2018

Durga and her various faces

The ever-powerful goddess’s presence can be traced across the globe in numerous religions, myths and texts

17 Aug 2018

Nothing can destroy nature of the soul

To experience the senses and all that the divine has created, the swaroop of soul is insufficient.

21 Jul 2018

Not all can climb pyramid of evolution

In the pyramid of evolution, there is plenty of space at the base but only a needlepoint space at the top, where only few are entitled to reach.

16 Jun 2018

Yog is the Road to Pure Bliss

Fulfillment of desires is not evolution. It is sadhana which involves changes within and leads to ultimate freedom.

19 May 2018

Take the plunge to experience reality

Yog is the experience of reality, and this experience has to be your own experience. No amount of reading, listening to lectures or attending courses can give you that experience.

12 Apr 2018

Cleansing the muddy water around your soul

Planet Earth has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years, so have been human beings.

17 Mar 2018

Yog is the final frontier and the ultimate subject

What is the point of playing the best music in the world to a person whose ears are plugged? What is the point of showing the best scenery in the world to someone who refuses to open his eyes? What is

03 Mar 2018

Yog is the final frontier and the ultimate subject

There are so many things in our lives. We prioritise various things/aspects as per their relative importance.

20 Jan 2018

Both kaal and akaal are inherent to creation

Creation is governed by certain laws, everything in creation is bound by these laws.

16 Dec 2017