lSabyasachi Roy Chaudhuri

Sindhi Colony’s legendary Street Food

The area around Prenderghast Road in Secunderabad is better known as Sindhi Colony.

12 Jan 2019

Quintessential Kulcha

The hungry future Nizam ate seven of these and was blessed by the Saint that his descendants will rule Deccan for seven generations.

08 Dec 2018

Something fishy

Though these are not as ubiquitous as the other versions of street food, a few stalls draw their customers not just from the neighbourhood but from all across the city.

03 Nov 2018

Saoji Curries: Vidarbha’s spiciest cuisine

Each family running a Saoji eatery has its own twist to the recipe, and they are fairly secretive about it.

18 Aug 2018

Pulasa, the prize for the privileged

During the monsoon season, the fishermen folk from the basins of Godavari and some of its tributaries expectantly await their prize catch.

11 Aug 2018

For the best Galouti Kebabs 

The melt-in-the-mouth kebabs from Awadh are quite popular in Hyderabadi cuisine

23 Jun 2018

Ramzan Food Map around Charminar

For a food lover, a visit to the old city is a must during the month of Ramzan especially in the evenings after Iftar prayers

09 Jun 2018

The Haleem Season is Here

Ramzan is the month of prayers and fasting for the devout Muslims, but the food lovers in the city look forward to a special delicacy which is best relished during this period. Haleem, the wheat

12 May 2018

Shikmapur Stories

Only select restaurants in the city offer this succulent mouth-dissolving kebab

05 May 2018

Millet mania

Millets make a comeback as healthy food options both in the group of foodies and restaurant chains

21 Apr 2018

Dilli Nihari:The new flavour in the city

This broth soup from Delhi is gaining much popularity at the recently opened Karim’s in Tolichowki

07 Apr 2018

Baklava: A Turkish ‘dessert’ storm

A small delivery setup called Baklava Factory in Banjara Hills prepares and supplies the sweet for parties and functions, as well as to restaurants.  

31 Mar 2018

Kaja: the Raja of All Sweets

In the Telugu states, there is no confusion that the kajas from Kakinada and Tapeshwaram are the best

03 Mar 2018

Litti chokha, the delicacy form Bihar

Even non-vegetarian dishes like mutton and chicken gravy sometimes accompany this dish.

24 Feb 2018

Lukhmi, the mince stuffed Hyderabadi savoury

Though the snack had lost some of its popularity over the decades, it has made a comeback in the last few years

10 Feb 2018