lTania Thomas

Even in mid-20 century, only 10 per cent women at IISc: First female dean

Chanchal Uberoi talks to CE about why only few women students were seen, and continue to be seen, studying or teaching at the prestigious institute.

19 Jul 2018

Biopic-like-play draws from Tagore’s last speech

Tagore’s speech Crisis of a Civilisation, speaks about the crisis of nationalism in pre-Independent India, says writer-director Ranjon Ghoshal.

18 Jul 2018

Workers union demand recognition of their work as ‘real work’

Domestic workers fight for their rights, they have appealed to the state government to provide social and legal security

10 Jul 2018

Bengaluru Kalkere Lake stink gets fishy

Low maintenance of the lake at Ramamurthy Nagar has angered residents of the area; they say authorities have not taken any steps in spite of several requests

16 Jun 2018

Unwind over some cocktails and finger food

At the end of a tiring work day, if you're looking for a place to unwind, the Alfresco by Bene at Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway can be an ideal place to do just that. The open-air

09 Jun 2018

Mothers stress over junk food

The responsibility of being a mother, comes with the added pressure of being a ‘good mom’. A survey conducted by Mompresso, a user-generated content platform for women, has found some alarming trends

28 May 2018

Well,  a solution to water woes 

lBefore Bengaluru becomes water-starved, here’s how the indigenous community could help restore city’s water levels  

28 May 2018

I’m done with the government & country politics: Irom Sharmila

Having been reduced to a mere symbol by her own people in Manipur, activist Irom Sharmila, who was in the city recently, tells City Express about how she wants to detach from her place.

08 May 2018

‘Disability not a taboo, talk about it’

In conversation with City Express, Virali Modi, disability rights activist, talks about making restaurants and travel more accessible and how Salman Khan’s conviction is ‘hypocritical’ 

10 Apr 2018

Donate some ‘Soles for Souls’ this summer 

Drop off your shoes and slippers for those who cannot afford them. This is the first time such an initiative by Gimme5 is taking place in the city

17 Mar 2018

‘My art started as response to violation, pain’

Every location has the potential to tell stories, and there is a great need to incorporate art in the public space, says Riyas Komu, co-founder of Kochi Bienalle. Here’s an excerpt of his conversation

08 Mar 2018

Cubbon Park pulls line from under slackliners

l    Slacklining enthusiasts in city are facing the heat from horticulture department officials, who believe it is not a safe sport and could harm trees l    Players told to practise the sport elsewhe

07 Mar 2018