Shinie Antony

Our pride and prejudices

Name, looks, gender, colour and caste—we are who we are.

07 Jun 2019

Equality begins at home

Fairy tale marriages are just that—a fairy tale. Most married people openly acknowledge the hard work put into a marriage.

11 May 2019

Honour and Hypocrisy

As societies we place a disproportionately large premium on family honour, on how we look from the outside, on taboos, secrets and masks.

18 Apr 2019

Under the Mango Tree

Many with spacious abodes, with ancestral properties that go on for an acre or two, want to bring home their respect for histories, art and culture by first and foremost providing the space.

29 Mar 2019

Good-time Charlie and the Fast Lane

Novelist Ravi Shankar Etteth shifts genre lanes—from spy thriller to literary whodunit—with his latest book Killing Time in Delhi, which is a gasp-a-minute in the fast lane.

13 Mar 2019

All Hail the Non-hero

Media is changing slides too fast; we are habituated to knee-jerk reactions, routine reflexes.

09 Mar 2019

Are You Colour-blind?

Racism has been getting a shade too controversial these days.

14 Feb 2019

Million-dollar smile

Feminism is being quietly redefined in the post-#MeToo era, played out in a very modern way in the Amazonian divorce coming our way.

26 Jan 2019

The short and the short of it

Hope the next leading man to contract himself on a 70 mm screen won’t sell himself short.

06 Jan 2019

Man, woman, equality

Man and wife. Mr and Mrs. So fixed the usages that no wife, no Mrs ever bothered to protest their tag-along status. An unholy imbalance dogs holy matrimony.

18 Nov 2018

Doubt is part of faith

If a finger is pointed, obviously facts should be studied and the matter sorted. By going all macho on the accusers, the accused weakens his own stand.

29 Sep 2018

Gossip is the showstopper in the catwalk of life

Gossip is power. This is the real money in the bank. It is low-cal and non-fattening. And nothing is too sacred.

16 Jun 2018