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European Quartet Woos Indian Tourists

Published: 04th December 2013 11:13 AM

Last Updated: 04th December 2013 11:13 AM

Four central European countries, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, collectively calling themselves ‘The European Quartet - One Melody’, are wooing Indian tourists travelling to Europe in an effort to promote their region as a prime tourist destination.

“We have concluded that most Indian tourists who visit Europe have already toured most of Western Europe and are looking for new travel destinations,” said Jan Herget, Director of Foreign Office Departments, Czech Republic here on Tuesday.

The European Quartet, made up of countries called the Visegrad Four, have banded together to attract tourists from distant countries like the US, Russia, China, Japan and now India. The region claims to have seen just under 60,000 Indian tourists in 2012, a figure they are looking to substantially increase with the promotion campaign.

The promotion team comprises Herget, Krisztina Bacsa, International Market Development Manager, Hungary and Emilia Kubik from Poland.

The team said that their countries are much cheaper alternatives to other, better known tourist destinations in Europe because of the exchange rates involved.

Klara Vyslouzilova from the Czech Tourism Board said that a 13-day and 12-night tour would cost only around 1.3 lakh inclusive of accommodation and travel.

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