'72% Bangaloreans face cardiac risks' - The New Indian Express

'72% Bangaloreans face cardiac risks'

Published: 27th September 2013 09:15 AM

Last Updated: 27th September 2013 01:57 PM

Nearly 72 per cent of Bangalore residents have a high risk of contracting heart disease, and just 28 per cent take up physical activities four times a week. These were the findings of a study conducted on 19,897 Bangalore residents over three years.

The study, titled Saffolalife study 2013, was done on 1.86 lakh urban respondents aged between 30 and 100 years spread across 12 cities. It found that more than 70 per cent of those studied are at risk of getting a cardiovascular disease (CVD). With a whopping 49 per cent of the Bangalore respondents being obese, 48 per cent reported low levels of the heart protective substance HDL also known as good cholesterol.

Dr S S Ramesh, Senior Cardiologist & Director, Vivus Heart Care Foundation, felt that the main factors leading to heart disease risk were a sedentary lifestyle, stressful work conditions and compromised diet. While 43 per cent of total respondents consumed preserved or processed foods, of these 36 per cent consumed this at least twice a week. The study further revealed that 71 per cent had two or less servings of fibre rich whole grains in their diet. Another 6 per cent of the respondents in Bangalore said that they felt extremely drained at least four times a week.

Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, HOD Dietetics Department Apollo Hospitals pointed out that there is an increasing dependence among the young and productive age group of people — 30 to 44 years — on preserved, processed and fried foods.

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