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CID DSP Held for Hunting Deer in Bandipur

Published: 01st February 2014 08:17 AM

Last Updated: 01st February 2014 08:17 AM

A Deputy Superintendent of Police with the Crime Investigation Department (CID) and five others were arrested by forest officials for killing a deer in Omkar Forest Range of Bandipur National Park in the wee hours of Friday.

A double barrel gun, a revolver and a jeep have been seized from DSP T K Dharmesh and the five policemen.

Dharmesh, who was a top cop in the anti-rowdy squad and a scourge of the rowdies, entered the forest with his friends and shot a deer around 4 am.

Forest personnel Mahadevaswamy and Srikanata, who maintain the solar fencing in the forest, hearing the shots and the suspicious movement of the jeep, alerted the forest staff. The forest staff found a deer with bullet injuries in the jeep.

ACF Ravishankar said that the accused initially told them they were on an anti-Naxal operation. They also claimed the rifles were their own.

He said they confirmed that the accused policemen were hunting as they were using refilled cartridges and the forest guards on duty found the deer killed in the Omkar forest range.

Ravishankar said the postmortem confirmed that the animal had a gunshot hole. He said the accused were arrested under various sections of the Wild Life Act and Indian Arms Act.

Forest Vigilance SP Jenendra Kenagavi visited the spot and held an inquiry.

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