LP fans organise Chester Bennington tribute

Express News Service | Published: 28th July 2017 10:40 PM
Akshaye (second from right) and fellow Linkin Park fans will be at today’s tribute to the late Chester Bennington

BENGALURU: When Yash Pria, a class 12 student first heard the news of Linkin Park (LP)lead singer Chester Bennington’s death on July 20, he went into a shock. “I heard the news at night and I remember vomitting twice and not being able to sleep the whole night. I was very upset for a few days after that, and I still cannot believe that he will never sing again,” says Yash, a huge LP fan
Many die-hard LP and Chester fans will be going to ‘Tribute to Chester Bennington’, which will happen at Casa Piccosa in JP Nagar at 1pm today. A post for the event was put up on Facebook, and as many as 300 are expected to attend.

Chester Bennington

Organiser of the event, AP Akshaye, heard the track Numb in class 10 for the first time, and it blew his mind. “After that, I was hooked. I’d listen to their songs on loop. Their earlier album talked about teenage angst, then their music evolved to more adult themes. I feel like I grew up with them,” he says.

Akshaye says that every LP fan knew that Chester had a rough childhood and was also abused as a child — some of their songs reflected these feelings as well. “The fact that he came out of all that, made it big and was helping others through his music, was something that was appreciated by all. All the band’s songs talk about different situations and emotions that people like me can relate to,” he adds.

Tribute events to Chester have also been organised in Delhi and Mumbai. “There are a number of fans of the band in the city who also wanted to organise something to commemorate Chester’s death. We first decided on Cubbon Park, but then we thought there were a lot of hassles with getting permission. So we changed the venue to J P Nagar,” he adds

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