Here’s how you can dance away Parkinson’s

By Dr Ramesh KN| Express News Service | Published: 18th April 2019 02:41 AM

BENGALURU: Parkinson’s is one of the most common neurological disorders that affects older people over the age of 60 years. The retirement period of a person’s life is often accompanied by inactive physical and mental life. During this period, the person doesn’t prefer engaging in activities, thereby, restricting themselves physically, mentally and functionally.

Along with these motor issues, there are various non-motor symptoms like pain, anxiety, fatigue, hallucinations which can be curbed by implementing an active aging lifestyle.

Observing any symptoms below the age of 50 is identified as early onset of the disease. Maintaining an active life at this age can prevent or delay the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Indulging in various physical activities can help keep the mind active and stress free.

The type of physical activity to be carried out by a person depends on the capabilities and interest. However, there are some activities that do not require much physical strain and can prove beneficial in improving balance, increase the strength and also prevent falls, which is concerning for the elderly. These activities will keep them busy and help relax.

Physical and mental health are as important as the regular medication when treating Parkinson’s disease. Implementing active aging for elderly people can be acquired by encouraging them to participate in various activities.

Apart from the usual medication, these activities will help treat both motor and non-motor symptoms. These recreational tasks can act as a preventive measures and contribute in the treatment of the disease. It will improve the person’s quality of life and make it easier for them to do everyday tasks.

(The writer is a consultant-Internal Medicine and Geriatrics Specialist,Fortis Hospitals, Cunningham Road)

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