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Devi Guides Us with Divine Prompts

Published: 21st January 2014 08:38 AM

Last Updated: 21st January 2014 08:46 AM

When we chant the mantra “Om Thryaksharyei Namaha” we realize our own divine potential and begin to hear the voice of the Divine Mother within us all the time as Prerana or Intuition. To Devi who is the Primordial Creator of the Universe, the past, present and future are all in the same time zone. That is why She is all-knowing. Now She begins to guide us from within with divine prompts so that we are able to clearly intuit the past and the future and always take the right decisions in the present. Then we do not have to seek success; success seeks us and follows us wherever we go.

Intuition is the divine birth right of every human being. We require this to remove all the uncertainties in life and balance our inner and outer worlds in a sane manner.

In fact, the entire Cosmos is sustained by the stream of energy from our intuition. This the great privilege granted to each one of us by Devi. Devi is also present in us as Will Power (Iccha Shakthi), Power of Comprehension(Jnana Shakthi) and Power of Action (Kriya Shakthi). Each of these Shakthis has its own bija mantra or seed syllable. As we chant “Om Thryaksharyei Namaha”and awaken our intuition, Devi will disclose these bija mantras to us either from within or through a Guru.

When we keep chanting these bijamantras, Devi will reveal Herself to us and transform the stagnant water in the mind into a flowing river of Wisdom (Jnana). Till now our inner corewas a sore. Now, when we chant this Mantra, Devi fills it with Her divine essence. Through this mantra we come to know our own true identity. Now let us chant this Mantra for sometime and prepare ourselves for the next one which is:

OM MUNI MANASA HAMSIKAYEI NAMAHA.“I offer my salutations to the Divine Mother who floats as a Divine Swan on the waters of the lake in the Still Minds of Sages.”

When our Intuition is activated by Devi, there is no need to think unnecessarily as everything that we need is revealed through intuition. There are no more conflicts in the mind and no more mental debates about what is right or wrong. Everything is crystal clear to us. So the mind stops its constant chattering and becomes silent. The one who is established in “antarmouna” or inner silence is called a “Muni”. When we become Munis, our minds are pure, tranquil and serene like the crystal clear waters of a still lake.

This is what Devi loves. She then floats as the Divine Swan of Discrimination in the manasa sarovara or lake of the mind. The Swan symbolizes our Power of Discrimination. It is said that even when milk and water are mixed together and placed before a Swan, it drinks only the milk and leaves the water behind.

So also when we begin to operate through intuition which reveals the past, present and future to us, it becomes very easy to discriminate and decide what is the right thing to do and when it should be done.

Extract from ‘The book of direct truths, subtle truths and the mystical truths of Devi Mahatmyam’ by Shri Shri Nimishananda

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