3Hcare: Online portal brings treatment at your convenience

By Srividya Palaparthi| Express News Service | Published: 06th September 2018 12:01 AM
The online portal provides information and schedules tests at a desired lab and location of your choice

CHENNAI: Ruchi Gupta had a medical emergency and she couldn’t find a space in any hospital to admit or diagnose her sister. Only when she gave the reference of a doctor she knew did they get an admission into a hospital. She realised that if it was this difficult for someone who was privileged to find medical care, one could only imagine what the underprivileged would have to go through.

Thus, she launched 3Hcare, an online portal where one can plan tests at a desired lab and location at your own convenience. The most important feature of 3HCare is the transparency in the price, discounts, available tests and confidential test report storage. “I know that accessibility is the need of the hour. To wait hours for diagnosis or tests in a medical situation is taxing.

We tried to bridge that gap,” says Ruchi. Based in New Delhi, 3HCare has its services across the country. “Although we don’t have an office, we have tie-ups and correspondences in 400 locations across India,” she says. The name of the portal, too, reflects its ideology — the three ‘H’s indicate, ‘Help, Health and Happiness’. While Ruchi herself is a PhD scholar, an MBA and a CA, her team consists marketing professionals, technically adept officials and even medical professionals. “Having people of various backgrounds on board helps us have perspective over what the consumer needs in various situations,” she says.

3HCare’s revenue model also benefits the users rather than commercial establishments. “We do not charge the users any subscription fee. Our revenue flows in through the hospitals and diagnostic centres who sign up with us for getting in touch with patients. This way we do not burden the patients who already have to pay a lot of money for medical attention. We also provide the institutes with lowest cost or discounts on medical services for their benefit,” she adds. Today the portal has over 350 test centres to choose from with further verticals yet to be added.

While the idea for 3HCare was conceived three years ago, the portal was launched in 2016. 3HCare was self funded. “We put in our own money initially. We pitched in `25 lakh for taking off. Eventually we went for the Series A funding to raise `2 crore,” shares Ruchi.  

Two years after the launch, Ruchi has big plans for the company going forward. “Currently we are only providing information regarding diagnostics but we want to expand for more medical services as we go forward,” says Ruchi.

In a nutshell
●    3HCare was founded by Ruchi Gupta in 2016
●    The online portal provides information and schedules tests at a desired lab and location of your choice
●    3HCare was self funded with Ruchi pitching in `25 lakh
●    They later sought Series A funding of `2 crore
●    3HCare is currently functional in 400 locations across India

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