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'Bharathiyar, Vivekananda Shaped India'

Published: 02nd February 2014 07:32 AM

Last Updated: 02nd February 2014 07:33 AM

“Bharathiyar, Vivekananda and Aurobindo espoused the cause of cultural pride in India and shaped the country into what it is today,” said columnist S Gurumurthy.

Speaking on the occasion of Bharathiyar’s 132nd birth anniversary, Gurumurthy said, India, which is on its way to becoming a superpower by 2030 was envisaged by such great minds 100 years back.”

The anniversary function, conducted by Shriram Finance at Krishna Gana Sabha on Saturday, was presided over by scholar Avvai Natrajan and saw attendance of dignitaries such as Retired IAS officer V S Raghavan.

Gurumurthy said, the ones responsible for keeping Bharathiyar alive today should be honoured. “Scholars such as Srini Viswanathan, who collected over 13 volumes of Bharathi’s works, are among those responsible for keeping Bharathi’s philosophy alive.”

Gurumurthy and Raghavan also presented the Bharathy Illakkiya Selvam award to scholars who had contributed to Bharathiyar’s legacy through their work.

V S Raghavan, in his speech, expressed concerns that the present generations were becoming increasingly ignorant of Bharathiyar’s contributions.

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