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Community certificates issue sorted out: Revenue Minister

Published: 07th May 2013 10:57 AM

Last Updated: 07th May 2013 10:57 AM

The issue of community certificates to members of ST communities has been brought back on track under the Jayalalithaa administration and over 45,000 certificates have been issued in the two-year period, Revenue Minister Thoppu N D Venkatachalam told the Assembly on Monday.

Responding to allegations over discrepancies, the Minister promised to take steps to correct all anomalies pointed out by members of the House. “In the two years this government has been in place, 45,784 community certificates have been issued to individuals hailing from ST communities. There have been a number of cases where wrong certificates have been issued, because the individual declares the wrong community. The government is taking steps to verify the certificates and correct discrepancies,” said Venkatachalam.

His statement on the matter came in response to a Call Attention motion raised by P Dillibabu, CPM MLA for Harur. The motion had raised attention to the situation arising out of the non-issuance of Scheduled Tribe community certificates to those children whose parents posses Scheduled Tribe community certificates in Vellore, Thiruvallur, Madurai, Thiruvannamalai and Krishnagiri Districts.”

Dillibabu said there were discrepancies in issuance. He was assured that  government would look into the allegations.

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